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Batman, the Genius Superhero with the Personality of Flair and Finesse.

Pushkar Tiwari

September 20, 2022. 2 minute Read

Batman, a vigilante who took the armor for revenge for his parent’s murder, became one of the coolest superheroes ever. When we think of Batman, we think of a man who drives supercars, a man who brags about his absolute richness, a man who is a genius, and a man who doesn’t have an inch of superpower but still can give a tough fight to a crusader of Superman.

The legend of Batman may be an old movie, but it is still relevant and loved by many even today. And the credit goes to his diehard committed fans.

Batman the Personality of Flair and Finesse

Batman’s secret identity was called Bruce Wayne, a person everyone looked up to even today. Whatever a man desires, Bruce Wayne has got that.

You think of power; Batman got that; you think of money; Bruce Wayne got that; you dream of great looking Handsome man, Bruce got that too, and you think of attitude; I doubt anyone got that more than Batman himself. Batman’s personality is not something you adore but will secretly envy. But what never gets noticed is the hours of hard work and pain he goes into getting to do what he can.

Batman, the one who Stood for Rightfulness

Yes, Batman has money in heredity, but if money can make you Batman, there would have been many Batman flying around. While he could have chosen to switch back to his everyday life after avenging his parent’s murder, Batman ultimately decided to keep standing for what is good or right against all odds.

History of the Batman

Batman was first introduced in 1939 by the DC comics. Artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger created Batman. If you don’t know Batman yet (I pity YOU), then let me tell you, he is a wealthy (like more than what you can even think of) genius, playboy, and philanthropist who lives in the fictional city of Gotham in America.

When he was eight years old, his parents got murdered by a bunch of criminals. Bruce trained himself and made his arrangements in vengeance. Although he goes on to fight numerous criminals, his most famous enemy has got to be the joker.

Collaborations along the way

Along the road to fight for justice, he finds various allies such as Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, James Cordon, and Catwoman. He later even becomes the founding member of the Justice League alongside other legendary superheroes like Superman and wonder woman.

Movie Adaptations of Batman

Over the years, he played on television and multimedia as he had always been a significant audience attraction. In the 1960s, a television show about Batman, which Adam West played. Then he was played by Michael Keaton in 1989, and recently Michael played the role again in flashpoint (2021). The movie series on Batman is The Dark Knight Series, where Christian Bale plays Batman. Recently, this year a blockbuster movie on Batman, The Batman, was released featuring the young and handsome Robert Pattinson as the lead.

Final Thoughts

While it is easy to say that most superheroes that thus they have superpowers, they fight against evil, in the case of Batman, we see a normal Human Being training himself in different martial arts. He learned more than 30 other languages to train his mental abilities to become a scientist and build himself an impeccably durable and strong suit alongside tons of highly capable gadgets. He did all this while enduring the unbearable trauma of losing his parents to murder.

Thus we can all agree that what Bruce achieved throughout his life is not just unimaginable but also inspirational. We would excel at everything if we could all try even ten percent of that.

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