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9 Personality Traits of Active Social Media Users that are Changing our Life. Here's the Story

Dastan Huzaifa

January 12, 2023. 4 minute Read

Social media is one of the best marketing platforms for everyone who wants to establish themselves as a Brand. Gone are the days when teenagers and young adults were limited to social media. Today social media has users from across all generations. 

As an observer of the current social media influence on society, we have delved deep into the topic of social media usage and examined the various traits of active users. With the increasing usage of social media in our daily lives, it is essential to understand the different personalities and habits of those who use these platforms.

Traits of Active Social Media Users

The persona of every social media user is different for different platforms.

One key aspect of social media usage is the creation of a “social media personality,” or the persona that an individual presents to the world on their various social media accounts. This persona can be a curated version of the individual’s true self and may vary across different platforms. For example, someone may present a professional persona on LinkedIn while maintaining a more relaxed and casual persona on Instagram. This concept of a social media personality is closely linked to the idea of self-identity, as the two often intersect and influence each other.

Hello! Power Users

We analyzed Tanmay Bhatt, the trendy influencer on various platforms. While on Instagram, his comic time is fantastic, but on Linkedin, he shares all the marketing videos he has created and also, at times, his thoughts on why he loves making marketing videos and what made him even an angel investor as well. And it’s not limited to Tanmay Bhat. Ghazal Alagh, the CEO, actively creates reels and all. At the same time, her personality is more professional regarding LinkedIn. So it is understood that the same individual has different characters on various platforms. You can consider some individuals as “Power Users” who actively post and engage with content regularly. Others are knowns as “Lurkers,” who consume content but do not actively participate in creating it. Others include “Brand Personalities,” accounts run by businesses and organizations, and “Influencers,” individuals who have gained a significant following and can sway public opinion.

So who are you? And what is your true personality? A personality that falls in these categories says much about your true self. And how they want to be perceived by the virtual society.

The Trait Of Engagement

 The amount of interaction an individual has with the content on their social media feeds, such as liking, commenting, subscribing, and sharing posts. Engaged users are often more likely to create and consume content and may be more likely to build a following.

So if you are someone who keeps yourself up to date with our articles, thank you for being one of our engaged users. So if others think you are always up to date on all the hot gossip online, you are a very active user.

Real, Fake, or a little bit complicated?

The amount of similarity between an individual’s social media persona and their true self is a complex issue. On the one hand, some users may present a highly curated and polished version of themselves on social media, carefully choosing what to share and how to present it to create an appealing image. On the other hand, others may be more authentic and transparent in their social media presence by sharing more of their true selves and everyday lives. Additionally, most users can fall between these extremes, and their social media persona may combine curated and authentic elements. This behavior of leading two shades in the real and virtual world has become more of a common phenomenon in the current generation. 

Some become vulnerable to online trollers

The level of compassion and understanding an individual shows towards the feelings and experiences of other users on various platforms is changing drastically. Some users may be more inclined to offer support and kind words to others, while others may be more critical or dismissive. While, at times, some online trollers’ tweets are fun to read, at the time, they are so distasteful and disgusting even it will piss you off to discuss the same in length.

The social world provides more opportunities for users to plead for empathy but also leaves a back door for online hate and narcissism.

A drastic example would be cyberbullying observed at the school level, which reflects the dangers of being a victim of misguided hate from others.

The Big Picture

The willingness to consider and engage with new perspectives, information, and ideas shared on social media platforms is increasing. This trait can indicate cognitive flexibility and readiness to learn and change one’s opinions, which is one of the most positive benefits of social media. Many users have taken the approach to improve themselves because that’s how it’s told on social media by some influencers. Some biggest influencers are BK Shivani, Gurugaur Gopal Das, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, etc.

Social Influence

The extent to which an individual can sway the opinions and actions of others through their social media presence has become a major issue in these current times. Influential users may have a large following and be considered experts or thought leaders.

Many social media handles have the power to influence the masses without any governance, which could lead to unsavory ripples throughout society.

Some Great Privacy Concerns

The privacy and security of personal information on social media platforms are constantly threatened or misused. Some users may be more likely to share personal details and information publicly, while others may be more guarded and protective of their data. This disparity mainly comes from the fright of being conned over social media.

To share as much as possible to keep people engaged with your life can become a double-edged sword. Try practicing methods that are good enough regarding social media exposure in your personal life.

Scrolling and Glueing

The amount of time you are willing to spend on social media at one time and how easily you can detach from it defines how much control you have over social media. Some users may be more inclined to spend hours scrolling through their feeds, while others may have a shorter attention span and quickly become disengaged.

This difference usually separates the easily influenced or swayed masses from the hard-to-convince individuals.

The Famous Documentary "The Social Dilemma" on Social Media Traits.

The documentary “The Social Dilemma” brings attention to the negative side of social media; it points out how the algorithms and strategies used by these platforms can manipulate users’ behavior, emotions, and decision-making. It’s essential to understand the amount of data these platforms collect about us and how social media can digitally manipulate or push their opinion to the world. In addition to these different personalities, one must consider what type of content one must share on social media. From political views to personal updates. The opinions of famous individuals’ posts can provide insight into their personalities and beliefs. It’s important to remember that not all information shared on social media is accurate or reliable. As a writer, I always verify any information before adding it to my articles.

It’s worth noting that these traits are not exclusive to social media users and can apply to an individual’s behavior in other contexts.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the traits of active social media users is a complex and multifaceted task. There is much to consider, from creating a social media personality and examining self-identity to analyzing types of social media personalities, content, and activity levels. So be responsible for your choices. It is essential to be aware of the consequences of constant social media usage, whether you are a critical consumer of the information or skimming the surface for entertainment.

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