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8 Ways How You May Take Care Of Your Pot Plants.

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April 29, 2022. 4 minute Read

Having Pot Plants is more than just a hobby. We love the way it grows; get us those beautiful-looking flowers and fruits later. It is incredible what they have to offer overtime.

There are emotions attached to those plants. But having them and not taking enough care is a huge shame. After all, we don’t want our balconies or galleries to look like a wild forest.

So let’s hunt 7 Ways how you may take care of your pot plants.

1. Every Plant has different Water Requirements.

Watering of Plants

Indoor plants aren’t usually water-intensive plants. Their water requirement is generally lower. But plants with thick stems require a lot of water, so much so that at times, you have to water them unless and until their water requirement is fulfilled.

But an indoor Plant doesn’t need much water; too much water may decay the Plant itself.

In summer, when the temperature is high, almost around 38-42 degrees celsius, if you see less moisture content in the soil, you will have to water plants twice a day; it results in healthy-looking luscious green plants.

2. Some Plants need Direct Sunlight, and Some Need Shade


We make a blunder when we keep indoor plants where it receives direct sunlight. Sunlight is good for plants, but certain plants that are usually thick-stemmed can only withstand extreme sunlight, not others. 

Direct sunlight for indoor plants is not healthy. It degrades their growth. 

3. Fertilizer Aids Growth


Every Plant has a different mineral requirement. And if you want Plant to grow faster, bigger, and produce more food, you need to add fertilizer to them.

Every Plant has a different nutrient requirement. Plants can fulfill their nutrient requirement by putting the right fertilizer into the soil. Please note that every Plant has different nutrient requirements; people in plant nurseries can help us pick the right fertilizer for the Plant.

One thing, when you put fertilizer, it is advisable to put on gloves, else you end up having unhealthy-looking skin.

4. Till the soil, for Healthy Looking Plants.

Tilling of soil

Tilling is an essential practice for water and air to penetrate well into the soil. And hence, it proves beneficial in plant growth.

It also helps to pluck out those weeds easily that eat away the nutrients of the parent plant. Tilling makes it easier for roots and plants to spread throughout the soil.

5. Indoor Plants Are Different

8 Ways How You May Take Care Of Your Pot Plants

Indoor plants don’t grow much rapidly as they would grow outside. In fact, in the case of some plants, you have to keep some days outdoors and someday indoors.

Even some indoor plants decay during the rainy season because of a lack of proper sunlight. So advisable to keep them outdoors.

And then there are indoor plants, where you have to plant those green stems throughout the soil. Often these indoor plants don’t grow much rapidly and stay as it is.

6. Trim Those Unhealthy-Looking Leaves.

Triming the unhealthy branches

The way you need hairstyling, your Plant needs them too. Trim those unhealthy-looking leaves and stems to make your plants look appealing and accelerate their growth.

Recently, in our curry leaves Plant, it wasn’t branching out the way it used to. After cutting that unhealthy-looking stem, the Plant is growing faster and, in fact, in a much healthier pattern than the way it used to branch before.

7. Use Water Showers; They are Good For Plants

Water Showering

Watering plants through pipes or Kettle is often considered too hard for plants. Water showers are often good healthy growth of plants.

8. Want those Green Luscious Looking Plants?


Clean the plants. And for that, you don’t have to wipe them with clothes, though you will do it for some indoor plants. But in most outdoor plants, if you sprinkle water gently on the leaves of those Plant and let the water glide through them, it becomes an easy practice to have luscious-green-looking plants.


Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness.”

Eckhart Tolle

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