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7 Original Hindi Songs That Deserves to Be on Your Playlist

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May 27, 2022. 4 minute Read

The song was originally written and produced by Aditya A.

Aditya A launched this original soundtrack, Chand Baliyaan, back in 2020. But it got viral around April 2022.

It is a massive hit among the masses. More than 300k reels have been made so far by content creators.

The singers of this soundtrack are Dhanush and Hiral Viaradia, and the music is by AR Rehman.

You will love this song for its simplicity and happy beats. Since the singers aren’t the ones we hear pretty often, that uplifts the music further.

So in case you are working this weekend, this song can help you energize for the day. However, the dhol beats at the end may be a problem for some.

The moment this 44-second song-long teaser was released, it was an instant hit among the masses. Arijit Singh sings this fantastic song, and the music is composed by Pritam. And with Ranbir Kapoor and Allia Bhatt, it further uplifts the songs.

It is the most awaited soundtrack of the year.

It is rare to see a soundtrack that got released seven years back but still dominates the playlist of many.

Maybe it is the supreme talent of AR Rehman who mastered this song with the charming voice of Alka Yagnik and the Soulful voice of Arijit Singh. The beauty of this song is that we never expected them to sing together.

It is always good to have a surprising factor in what you are doing; it works well with the audience.

There was a time Indian pop songs were a huge hit among the masses. Finally, singers like Kavitha Seth are filling those gaps and making us love the kind of music we love to hear. Rang Saari is a song produced by Kavita Seth and sung by both Kanishk Seth & Kavita Seth.

And it is a traditional thumri song that symbolizes playful mischief and love between lovers. There was a time when there was no good video the song’s reach used to diminish, but Instagram Reels are feeling those gaps with many creative videos by content creators.

A happy-go-lucky song from Arijit Singh and Rupali Maghi that you can’t miss on your playlist.

We, music lovers, were bombed with so many remixed versions of old songs that it made us more desperate to listen to the original soundtracks. The distribution of every new soundtrack is challenging, but it is hard to ignore a beautiful soundtrack.

Kalle Kalle is one of those songs. Sachin Jigar have produced this beautiful song, and Priya Saraiya is the singer. It is hard to ignore the music of this kind that brings so much freshness to your playlist.

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