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You can't hold on to your travels but that's no excuse to ignore staying fit.

Pavani Mantripragada

December 31, 2022. 2 minute Read

One of the things all of us love the most is traveling. Who wouldn’t love to travel to France or Italy? Who wouldn’t want to see the scenic beauty of Kashmir? If it’s safe for your bank balance, it is a great idea to make a trip outside your city. 

Yet, we can’t ignore that one aspect of life: Fitness. But how will we keep up with our fitness goals while on travel? That’s why we are here to read this article.  

Fitness is a lifestyle rather than a small aspect of life. It is possible to continue to take care of yourself while traveling. Travel is like medicine to the stressed-out mind. It will change a stressful environment and provide you with a brief relaxation. That will help you recharge your mind and return to work with more focus and great memories. A break every once in a while is necessary. One must consider this as an essential aspect of your health. 

But it shouldn’t come at the cost of your fitness. Fitness isn’t just exercise; it takes care of your overall health. Mind and Body. Traveling will surely help your control your mind. But there are a few things we want to suggest for the body.

So, while traveling, you can take care of your fitness in the following ways. 

1. Eat some protein or granola bars instead of snacking on chips while on a flight.

You will inevitably want to munch on something while on a trip, so instead of munching on chips or some fatty food, eat granola bars or protein bars.

2. Drink loads of water.

Water is essential to your fitness. Many fitness trainers will tell you that drinking water helps remove toxins from the body, which cause problems in your health. It also helps you to get rid of cramps. So, drink loads of water.

You can't hold on to your travels but that's no excuse to ignore staying fit
You can't hold on to your travels but that's no excuse to ignore staying fit

3. Create a playlist of songs that will quickly put you to sleep.

It is hard to sleep when you are away on travel. So, keep a playlist of songs that allow you to sleep well. If you sleep well, you can cope with the environment and focus on your job much better after traveling with no strained eyes and a more sound mind. 

4. Eat a heavy and healthy breakfast followed by a light lunch and dinner.

Just because we said to eat protein and granola bars doesn’t mean you eat them for food. Eat good food.

5. Keep note of the ingredients that make you uneasy, and try not to eat them.

Avoid foods that make you uneasy while traveling so you can have better health.

6. Look for a hotel that has a gym or walk to the destinations that seem nearby

A gym will take care of your physical exercise routine.

7. Practice yoga

People who regularly practice yoga don’t have to worry too much about not finding a gym on their travels.

8. Refrain from drinking alcohol often.

Alcohol is terrible for your health. That is common knowledge, but people still drink alcohol for fun. Limit the amount of alcohol you take to ensure a fit lifestyle.

You can't hold on to your travels but that's no excuse to ignore staying fit
You can't hold on to your travels but that's no excuse to ignore staying fit
You can't hold on to your travels but that's no excuse to ignore staying fit

Although if you find a hotel with a gym, it would be the best thing. But finding a hotel with a gym that is relatively easy in your pocket is hardly a realistic idea. Fitness should not cause a significant dent in your bank balance. Because wellness is an overall aspect that includes financial well-being, if you do not find a hotel with a gym, create a regime with your fitness trainer that will allow you to catch up with exercise even without a gym facility. 

Your workout should sit well with your traveling schedule. Check how much time you can provide for exercise while on a trip. These are exercises you can do in your hotel room, a set of activities for a 35-minute workout. Remember to give yourself a two minutes rest between each exercise.

9. How about exercising while taking Flights?

Once you reach your destination, we have covered you with exercise while on a flight or train. You can do these exercises while on a train or a flight. It isn’t practical to be able to exercise while on a flight or a train. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to take care of fitness while on travel. Sure, it wouldn’t be as effective as your regular exercise routine, but it will help you for the short trip you take as a mental break. It is essential to enjoy your travel without worrying about slacking on fitness.

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