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Beyond The Scale: 9 Things that will Motivate People with Curves Fail to Lose weight


In this article, we explore why, despite their best efforts, persons with curves may need help to lose weight. 

If you are regular to the Gym, you will find strange insight that people with curves or who are otherwise overweight fail to show up for the Gym after some days, barring some few people. 

But why this strange behaviour?

What is wrong?

We all know it takes a lot of courage to get a gym membership and a good amount of wealth to take up that membership, which takes work. 

Here is the thing!

Losing weight can resemble going through a maze; it may appear even more difficult if you have curves. But what are the reasons that make it so difficult for people with curves to lose weight?

We briefly discussed it with a gym trainer, followed by our research to find what makes it so difficult for them to lose weight. 

Let’s explore why the scale might not always cooperate and find practical solutions for getting back on track, from cultural vibes to our body settings. 

Let’s take a Candid Look At!

Why People with Curves Sometimes Struggle

1. Lack of Consistency

Workaholics who put enormous effort into work find it very hard to get time for gyming. And maintaining a diet is even more difficult. 

So to beat these conditions, one has to consistently show up to the gym 5-6 days per week for at least an hour a day and set boundaries on what to eat and what not to eat in a day/week. 

Remember! For workaholics, losing a significant amount of excess fat takes one year of complete dedication. 

One needs to understand that the point should not be to lose weight, but the vision should be to lose excess fat from the body. 

Here is yet another thing: you may lose inches but not fat if you consistently attend the gym and do not maintain a diet.

2. Poor Diet

If you consume 3000 Kilocalories per day and burn 1000 Kilocalories per day, you will never lose fat. 

It would help if you watched out for what you are eating. Some eating practices such as;

People with curves were foodies once if craving to eat; please eat, but watch out for your portions.

It will help you to accomplish long-term fitness goals!

3. Exercising and Lifting weight is difficult

People with curves find it extremely difficult to bend down, pick weight and exercise. It really becomes tough to exercise harder. 

But here, you need to take one step at a time. 

Do easy exercises such as walking on a treadmill with 3.8 RPM speed for 10 minutes, use a smart cross for 7 minutes at first with no intensity, do cycling for 5 minutes and then twist for another 5 minutes. 

Followed by strength training of a particular muscle group but with only 3-4 variants that to with bare minimum weight that is easy to use. 


Your body may not be used to workout initially but with time your body will get used to workout. And then, you can increase your weight while strength training when your body gets used to these workout sessions. 

Did you know? 

Doing strength training can actually help you tight your skin while you are weight at your gym.

4. Hire a Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer helps a lot!

Having a personal trainer will help you to achieve fitness milestones and will also keep you motivated in your entire fitness journey. 

And the other perks of having your Personal Trainers are:

5. Plan your Workout Well

Every idea needs a plan.

Ensure you plan workouts on different muscle groups on different days and try to include cardio exercises every day you exercise. 

This will help you to keep track of your workout regime. 

Remember! You don’t need to stick to that workout regime continuously. You can change your workout plan as per the fat accumulated in your body. 

So, make long-term and short-term goals, and plan your workout well.

6. Feeling The Squeeze: Societal Pressure on Curvy Bodies

Living in a society where one type of beauty is valued over all others can be difficult, particularly if you have curves.

There’s this “perfect” physique standard; you could feel inadequate if yours didn’t fit the bill.

Feeling inadequate: Seeing pictures of a particular body type everywhere can give you the impression that your curves are out of style. There is an unseen law dictating how you should appear.

Trying to Fit In: This limitation pressures you to change your appearance. Some people may attempt unhealthy extreme diets or rigorous workouts to fit in. The truth is that it’s acceptable to be who you are.

7. But Weight Loss is not Easy

The Role of Biological Factors

The secret to achieving a long-term and successful weight loss goal is realizing and collaborating with the biological factors at work, such as hormone changes, metabolism, and heredity. 

There are differences between every two bodies that go beyond outward appearances. Our bodies react differently to different diets and exercise routines due to biological variances. 

Realizing your uniqueness is the first step in creating a weight loss plan that suits your body’s requirements.

Metabolism Matters

Each person has a different metabolism, which is how our bodies turn food into energy. While some people may naturally burn calories more quickly than others due to a slower metabolism, others may not. 

Comprehending your metabolism is essential for developing a strategy that fulfills your body’s energy requirements.

Genetics May Pose A Problem

Genetics can influence the distribution and metabolism of fat in people with curvy bodies. Genetic makeup may impact the body’s tendency to store fat in certain places and its calorie-burning rate. 

This may make it more difficult for those with curvy figures to lose weight through standard techniques since their bodies may react differently than those of people with different body types. 

A more lasting and positive approach to health and well-being can be fostered by creating a customized and successful weight loss plan that considers these hereditary characteristics and works with curvy bodies.

Hormonal Factors 

As messengers in our body, hormones are essential for weight loss. Hormone fluctuations might affect weight loss attempts, particularly those associated with stress or reproductive cycles. 

Understanding and adjusting to your hormonal balance will help your weight reduction journey be more successful than fighting against these natural changes.

Medical Conditions Stand in Your Way

Losing weight can be more difficult if you have specific medical issues. Diseases like hypothyroidism, PCOS, hormonal abnormalities, and certain medications may impact weight loss attempts. 

It’s critical to approach weight control with a comprehensive grasp of one’s health and to seek the opinion of medical specialists for specific recommendations. 

Despite these obstacles, improving health can be achieved by following a sustainable, balanced nutrition and exercise approach.

8. Lack of Physical Activities in Everyday Lifestyle

One major thing that may hinder weight loss is exercising more. A calorie imbalance occurs when an individual consumes more calories than they burn when they exercise infrequently or never. 

Frequent exercise improves

Even little exercise can help with weight loss and improve general well-being when included in daily activities.

9. Misinformation Can Cause A Serious Ruckus

Misinformation in the context of weight loss can have severe consequences for individuals aiming to achieve their fitness goals. 

For example, if severe diet programs or fast-fix promises are followed without sufficient knowledge or validation, it may lead to nutrient deficiencies, muscle loss, and other health problems. 

Furthermore, accurate information on specific supplements or exercise methods can result in practical training and wasted effort.

To avoid these issues, stick to reliable information, consult experts, and focus on making realistic and sustainable changes for a successful weight loss journey.

Believe Us!

Body Positive Thinking and the Fine Art of Self-Love!

The body positivity movement has positively celebrated and encouraged the acceptance of bodies in all forms and sizes. 

Even amid this empowering movement, though, curvy people could find themselves toeing the line between accepting their bodies as they are and giving in to social pressure to lose weight.

Final Thoughts

For people with curves, the journey to weight loss may be more difficult because of hormones, heredity, and social influences. 

Nonetheless, you can make the process a thrilling trip toward a healthy you by accepting your individuality, being aware of your body’s peculiarities, and adopting a holistic approach!

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