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A 1941’s Classic With A Gen Z Twist. Meet the Archies. But Why Hate ?


In this article, we will delve into everything we love about the archies.

The Archies- From Pages To Tudum

A stunning moment when the 1941 classic comic book “Archies” came a long way from America to India to remake a movie out of a comic book. 

Believe it or not! 

Starring actress Suhana Khan, the daughter of the megastar Shahrukh Khan, has finally made a debut in the Bollywood line. 

The other star, Agastya Nanda Kushi Kapoor, belonging to the Bollywood family, has also entered this profession, while the other co-actors have not left any crumbs. 

The movie revolves around the city of Riverdale in Northern India. A fresh take on the beloved group of characters for many years is presented in “The Archies”.

Suhana Khan is the Modern Veronica.

Here is Archie’s Digital Evolution. From the beginning, it is clear that Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and others have undergone a digital transformation that has blended their timeless essence into our contemporary, technologically advanced world. 

But is this modern Archie is episodic delight with cinematic brilliance?

Modern Archie: Episodic Delight with Cinematic Brilliance

The episodic adventures of the show are a true delight, expertly blending humour, feelings, and emotions. Yes, the movie is a bit slow. 

And yes, the creators have tried to preserve the essence of the classic comics while incorporating a modern disney feel that draws readers in, and ends with a happy conclusion.

But that is not the thing we are talking about here.

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The Hate!

We need to talk about how the whole social media community has mocked these very young adults. 

Yes! There is far more brilliant talent around it, but how social media has mocked them so severely is unjustified. 

That day, we failed as a society when we started talking much more about their body image than their craft. The hate for these young adults was so bad that we often saw them nervous whenever they faced the audience/ went on an interview on camera. 

Not everyone is Kangana Ranaut; as a society, we must understand that mocking/trolling is terrible. 

We need to understand where to speak and what.

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But the good part!

We loved the Archies movie marketing campaign!

Fan Branded Bliss

The Archies Begin a Retro Trend

What sets it apart is the engagement of the fans. Not only are they loving it, but Numerous brands, including Starbucks and boAt, Maybelline New York, and others, have partnered with Netflix India for the teen musical comedy film The Archies. 

These companies have introduced special collections with an Archies theme, complete with digital ads and social media posts.

Final Thoughts

“The Archies” is a fantastic modern adaption, to put it simply. It’s a delightful blend of the classics and the contemporary, honouring our favourite characters and bringing them to a newer audience.  A  must-watch if you enjoy classic tales with a modern spin.

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