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Middle-Class Chronicles: Exploring Everyday Middle-Class Stories in 5 Awesome Indian Web Series


In this article, we are going to explore five incredible web series that raise the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

Are you planning to binge watch this weekend?

Have you ever noticed how certain Indian web series evoke strong emotions in you because they authentically depict the joys and daily hardships of middle-class living? 

Now prepare yourself to dive right into the Middle-Class Chronicles with us! These shows are more than just enjoyable entertainment; they serve as a kind of mirror reflecting the amusing, touching, and occasionally chaotic lives we lead.

Top 5 Indian Middle-Class Web Series You Would Relate to!

From the laughter-packed trials of relationships to the aspirational dreams of entrepreneurship and the heartwarming tales of familial bonds.

These shows paint a vivid picture of the everyday joys and challenges that resonate with viewers from all walks of life.

1.Permanent Roommates (TVFPlay)

The popular Indian online series “Permanent Roommates” debuted on TVF (The Viral Fever) Play and immediately won over viewers. 

The 2014 premiere of the show, which was directed by Sameer Saxena and created by Biswapati Sarkar, was a major turning point for Indian web content.

The show centers on Tanya and Mikesh, a young couple dating virtually who are forced to face marriage’s realities after Tanya finds out she is pregnant without warning.

Middle-class audiences can relate to “Permanent Roommates” since it tackles issues including

The series offers a hilarious and realistic portrayal of 

Reflecting the everyday struggles of middle-class life in India. The show stands out among Indian online series because of its audience-resonant common language comedy and cultural themes.

2. Little Things (Netflix)

“Little Things” is a heartwarming Indian web series that found its home on Netflix. Created by Dhruv Sehgal and directed by Ruchir Arun, the show beautifully captures the nuances and simplicity of everyday life.

The story of “Little Things” centers on Kavya and Dhruv, a young couple figuring out what it takes to be in a modern relationship. 

By featuring characters who struggle with common problems like

“Little Things” strengthens its bond with middle-class viewers. By addressing issues and goals that the middle-class audience finds it way more relatable. 

For those who observe it, it feels like a mirror, reflecting their own experiences and making it unique and relatable. 

The act finds joy in the little things in life, giving the audience the impression that it is traveling along.

3. TVF Pitchers (TVFPlay)

“TVF Pitchers” is a well-known Indian web series that Arunabh Kumar and The Viral Fever (TVF) made. 

It can be seen on TVFPlay. The 2015 launch of the show centers on the lives of four friends who make the decision to leave their day jobs and go on an entrepreneurial journey to create their own start-up.

It connects with the middle-class audience because it depicts

It feels like a journey with the audience, especially those who have dared to dream large in their own life, because of the comedy and realistic hardships.

4. Kota Factory (TVFPlay)

Watch the critically acclaimed Indian online series “Kota Factory” on TVFPlay. 2019 saw the release of Saurabh Khanna’s series, which is centered around the lives of students getting ready for competitive exams and is set in Kota, Rajasthan, a coaching hotspot.

The intense academic pressure and the relentless pursuit of success, which resonates with the middle-class emphasis on education and career aspirations for their children.

“Kota Factory” effectively engages its middle-class audience by offering a realistic portrayal of the difficulties, costs, and goals linked to pursuing an education and succeeding in a cutthroat environment.

5. Gullak (SonyLIV)

The endearing Indian web series “Gullak” can be seen on SonyLIV. The 2019 launch of Shreyansh Pandey’s program centers on the Mishra family in a tiny hamlet in North India. 

Using an animated piggy bank, or “gullak,” that contains the family’s memories and experiences, the sitcom tells its story in a novel way.

The Mishra family is shown in “Gullak” in a slice-of-life fashion, capturing the humor, hardships, and ordinary events that comprise their middle-class existence. The show discovers beauty in everyday things and simplicity.

From familiar family relationships and financial concerns to subtle cultural differences unique to the Hindi heartland, 

The series of episodes reflects the ordinary yet remarkable life of an average middle-class family.

A nostalgic touch is added by the animated piggy bank, which opens up treasured recollections for viewers who appreciate the sentimental depth of their own family history.

Now, gather your snacks, press play, and allow these series to serve as a gentle reminder that our tales are valuable, no matter how small.

Apart from the above series, there are some more similar series you must have forgotten or did not watch yet.


TVF Tripling(TVFPlay)

You can also watch0 “TVF Tripling” where a road trip into a journey about relationships, family, and personal development. 

“TVF Tripling” revolves around three siblings, which offers a sympathetic examination of the challenges associated with growing up in a typical Indian household while also giving a nuanced look at middle-class beliefs.

Panchayat(Amazon Prime)

The humorous series “Panchayat” available on Amazon Prime is based on a young adult who is struugling engineering graduate on her unanticipated path to become a Panchayat secretary in a small rural hamlet. It captures the fun and charm of adjusting to a small-town lifestyle while presenting humorous situations.

You simply can’t miss this show, with hilarious comic time and screenplay that will make you laugh harder.

The Better Half(Dice Media)

Dice Media’s “The Better Half” tells the story of a young couple’s everyday struggles while adding a humorous twist to the ups and downs of married life. 

The sitcom is a fascinating depiction of the subtleties of middle-class existence because it uses humor to give viewers a sympathetic glance.

So what are you waiting for?

Final Thoughts

We’re taken on a relaxing journey via five fantastic Indian online series by “Middle-Class Chronicles”. 

These shows, which range from the joy and humor of “Permanent Roommates” to the startup grind of “TVF Pitchers” and the warm nostalgia of “Gullak,” are like mirror images of our daily existence.

All so entertaining!

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