The One Liner

A Bad Day Can Never Define Who You Are!


The morning sun felt like a cruel spotlight to Radhika. Its rays seemed to mock Radhika, highlighting the exhaustion on her face from the last night and the weight of remorse settling in her chest. Each step is a battle against an invisible force. It was one of those days.

A bad day!

A bad day. It seemed like a domino effect of mishaps, each transforming into the next, bringing together a lot of misfortune. She woke up and realised that she had burnt toast for breakfast. 

Vexed with this, she decided to keep calm and pay more attention.

Just not willing to work

Unfortunately, while driving herself to work, she had a flat tire. Already running late for an important presentation that day, Radhika could feel the weight of the mounting stress.  

It wasn’t just the external events but the disappointment of failing her expectations.

A series of bad incidents

Radhika had envisioned a productive and fulfilling day, which was nowhere close to what was happening today. She was filled with stress and negativity.

Despite the events, Radhika tried to soldier on through the day. Unfortunately, things only got worse.

One Bad Event leading to one another

A series of alarming incidents followed – a spilt cup of coffee on her essential documents, her boss yelling at her for being late, and an unexpected downpour that drenched her entirely as she ran towards her car.

Failed to stand against own expectations

When she finally made it home, Radhika was exhausted and defeated. She sank into her couch, feeling the day’s weight press down on her shoulders. “Why is everything going wrong?” she wondered.

Misfortune and Fate!

She reflected on the day’s events as she sat in the dimly lit room. The misfortune had a domino effect, each incident leading to another. 

Don’t blame yourself for all bad things

In a moment of introspection, Radhika remembered her grandmother’s advice years ago: “Don’t blame yourself for all bad things. Life has ups and downs, and you can’t control everything.”

Taking those words to heart, Radhika decided to put the negativity behind her. She reminded herself that one bad day did not define her and that it was okay to face setbacks. 

Don’t forget to forget the day and get new inspirations! 

With a new determination, she made a conscious effort to let go.

Take a break if possible

First, she took a break from her usual routine. She decided to indulge in her favourite hobby – painting. The vibrant colours on the canvas helped her release the pent-up frustration and find peace in creativity.

Meditate before sleep

Next, she followed the advice to meditate before sleep. Sitting in the stillness of her room, Emily focused on calming her mind and letting go of the stress accumulated throughout the day. Slowly, she felt better. 

The following morning, Radhika woke up with a refreshed perspective. She realised that it was a new day, the setbacks she had faced were temporary, and each day brought new opportunities. 

She decided to keep a positive mindset and went to work. 

As days turned into weeks, Radhika’s resilience paid off. She not only overcame the challenges but also emerged more robust and more patient. 

The bad day had been a turning point in her life, leading her to embrace the importance of self-care, resilience, and finding inspiration in the face of problems. 

Even on the darkest days, there is always the promise of a new beginning because, as they always say, 

“Every cloud has a silver lining.”

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