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Focus or Fiasco: 7 Managing distractions on the path to success

What does it take to succeed in your life?

Think for a moment!

When we realise our dreams and try to accomplish them, everything seems like a background score with fewer negative emotions. 

Every day, there is a new effort and new goals. 

And what looked tougher before now seems much easier. But the pursuit of success remains consistent forever. 

There are distractions, but they hardly distract you because you are working on your dreams and working to make things happen. 

Hence, mark our words: success is not an easy chapter, but still sing along with its highs and lows, as this makes us successful.

Strategies to Overcome Distractions and Achieve Success

1. Restrict your Smartphones And Social Media Usage

Prioritise Digital wellbeing.

It is scientifically proven that people who use smartphones to check notifications, reply to text messages, or use social media to comfort their anxieties will gradually affect their productivity throughout the day by numbing their minds.

Swiggy and Zomato can take a back seat and make the work their ultimate goal. 

When in work mode, we must restrict our smartphone usage to work-related activities and disable all unwanted pop-up notifications.

2. Be Clear about your Email And Online Communication

Though communication helps us stay connected, we must learn to block emails that add no value to life and contain unnecessary queries. Our professional email ID must differ from our personal email ID, which stores dropshipping-related queries. 

Have a designated time slot to check your emails, and learn to write small, condensed emails.

3. Avoid Multitasking

Most people multitask with technologies such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones at work/ during classes but hardly notice how badly it affects their academic performance.

So follow a 90-minute cycle, which involves taking a small break after 90 minutes of work, during which we can use social media to calm our FOMO.

Research says multitasking can increase the time we spend finishing our tasks, make us less likely to remember what we studied and worsen our performance! 

Multitasking never helps. Instead, it decreases our productivity and displays poor outcomes.

4. Stop Procrastinating

People who procrastinate often leave in feelings such as Guilt, Stress and a sense of being overwhelmed by unfinished tasks. Neglecting some critical work with less urgent ones can drop your confidence.

How to overcome Procrastination?

How successful people manage procrastination?

Most of us have felt lost, but overcoming procrastination can make you different from other procrastinators. Whenever you need clarification about the number of tasks given to you, start listing important tasks against others and try to finish them accordingly.

Form a new Habit!

If delaying important work is our habit, let’s break it 

Stick to one task by doing it everyday. There isn’t a certain number of days that can work to form a new habit; but the process is to stick to the new habit unless and until it becomes a habit for us.

This helps in raising our standards and confidence as well.

5. Meetings And Interruptions

The whole goals to have meetings at our workplace is to

But if the mission and the vision is to look busy, having meetings regularly is just a distraction. 

6. Digital Devices and Entertainment

We all know long-term exposure to blue-light-emitting LED devices is detrimental to your sleep. 

Not only it disturbs our sleep cycle but it can also result in changes in tendons, muscles, bones and joints and can affect your nervous system, which leads to poor productivity in individuals. 

So here is the intelligent guide for improved digital wellbeing:

7. Mind Wandering

Are you an Overthinker ?

Have you ever thought about the extra cheese-loaded sandwich you enjoyed two days back while sitting on your balcony, watching the sunset with gentle breezes, when you are supposed to submit an assignment before the deadline?

Yeah! We have been through this; our focus shifts from work to moments.

Take Breaks! And listen to your inner voice.

Research says that Inner speech which is controlling your thoughts by telling yourself to concentrate on work you are doing, will bring better results.

We are responsible for 90% of our Problems, primarily due to Overthinking and improper decision-making. Solutions for all these things can be found in the inner engineering of our Minds.

So take some break, calm your mind, if things are bothering you too much ,then confess your problem with your family and friends around.

Final Thoughts

From Online communication to Inner speech, From Procrastination to Gaining Self Confidence.From Love Life to Family Issues don’t wait, start implementing these strategies today to start your journey towards success.

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