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Learn how to get rid of Tiredness and stay Energized.

Diptaraj Bhaduri
February 10 2023. 4 minute Read

Learn how to get rid of Tiredness and stay Energized.

What makes an individual tired?

According to a survey, around 4% to 45% of the population is affected by Fatigue. Waking up at a particular hour, getting ready, and then doing the same daily task can make you feel exhausted. In this highly competitive world, it’s tough to maintain a work-life balance, but we at The One Liner can help you with that too. 

Being weary or sleepy is only one aspect of Fatigue. People who experience Fatigue feel so exhausted that it interferes with their regular activities. A variety of diseases and drugs can bring on overwhelming Fatigue as well. Fatigue can also result from a poor diet, insufficient sleep, and minimal physical activity.

There are some ways by which you can identify whether you’re severely tired or not :

What is Tiredness?

Tiredness is a situation where you feel reduced energy and full lack of motivation to do any kind of work.

Bhagwat Gita Quote with Explanation:

ते तं भुक्त्वा स्वर्गलोकं विशालं

क्षीणे पुण्ये मर्त्यलोकं विशन्ति |

एवं त्रयीधर्ममनुप्रपन्ना

गतागतं कामकामा लभन्ते (Chapter 9, Verse 21) 

“They having enjoyed the vast Heaven-world, the merit being exhausted, enter the world of mortals; thus, those who desire enjoyments, abiding by the law of the Vedas have to go and return endlessly. “

According to Bhagwat Geeta, this quote means that people who constantly follow their desire are always restless both on earth and in heaven.

11 Things that Make You Feel Tired.

1. Lack of proper sleep 

Regular sleep restores both the mind and the body, so if you don’t get enough of it or don’t get it at a standard time, you’ll feel exhausted all day. Avoid using your gadgets right before bed, and establish a healthy sleep schedule which may include taking a warm bath, reading, and meditation.

2. Lack of exercise

A proper dose of exercise is one of the best ways to keep yourself energized and fight Tiredness. Various physical activities such as running, walking, yoga, aerobics, and stress-relieving meditation are beneficial.

3. Unhealthy eating Practices

Consuming too much caffeine, using alcohol regularly, not eating a nutritious diet, and eating junk food are all highly dangerous for your health and can make you feel exhausted.

4. Medications

One leading reason for weariness is taking certain antidepressants, sedatives, and other drugs. It would be best if you also tried to stay fit so that you don’t need medications. Consult your doctor and look into different methods of sustaining your energy.

5. Anaemia 

One of the main factors contributing to women’s weariness is anemia. Women are at risk for iron deficiency due to menstrual blood loss. You require red blood cells because they deliver oxygen to your tissues and organs.

Learn how to get rid of Tiredness and stay Energized.

6. Thyroid  

At the base of your neck, there lies a tiny gland called the thyroid. Your metabolism is under its control, or how quickly your body turns fuel into energy. You could feel lethargic and gain weight if the gland is underactive and the metabolism runs too slowly.

7. Diabetes 

In diabetes, the body does not utilize blood sugar to produce energy. Constant weariness may be a vital indicator of this condition. Regular exercise, medicine, and healthier lifestyle choices can all help you feel more energized. The end effect is a body that loses energy while eating plenty. Ask your physician about getting tested for diabetes if you experience chronic, unexplained exhaustion.

8. UTI 

The burning sensation and sense of urgency are likely familiar if you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI). However, the infection may not always present with such overt signs. Sometimes, Fatigue could be the only symptom. A urine test can readily verify a UTI.

9. Dehydration 

Dehydration may be the cause of our Fatigue. You are dehydrated if you are thirsty. Your body needs water to function correctly and stay calm, whether exercising or working a desk job.

10. Heart problems

It can indicate that your heart is no longer capable of the task at hand if you feel tired while carrying out routine tasks like weeding the yard or cleaning the house. Talk to your doctor about heart disease if you realize it’s become harder to complete formerly simple things.

11. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) 

Chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia are possibilities if your exhaustion persists for longer than six months and is so severe that you cannot handle your everyday tasks. Both can manifest in various ways, but one of the main ones is persistent unexplained exhaustion.

Tips and Tricks to recover from Fatigue

1. Exercise regularly 

According to a study, regular exercise helps lessen fatigue symptoms. Regular exercise has numerous known advantages. Exercise releases endorphins, which are inherently energizing. Additionally, it may result in more restful sleep.

2. Decrease caffeine intake 

You may have more energy if you use less coffee in the long run. Caffeine may initially offer you a jolt of power, but once it wears off, you can feel exhausted.

While restoring the balance of your natural energy levels, gradually cutting back on your caffeine intake will assist in lessening withdrawal symptoms.

Learn how to get rid of Tiredness and stay Energized.
Learn how to get rid of Tiredness and stay Energized.

3. Get proper sleep 

Getting enough sleep to keep your energy levels high throughout the day would be best. Before heading to bed, unwind and even practice some light stretches. Keep your sleeping space tidy and at the right temperature to improve it. 

4. Try to Reduce your stress Levels

In every way, your heart desires to try to reduce stress levels. Yoga, meditation, Book reading, and other mindfulness exercises are excellent choices. Visit a spa to have a relaxing treatment or a massage. Or relax on the couch while watching a movie or reading your favorite book.

5. Stay away from electronic devices. 

Avoid using technology, including your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and television, before going to sleep. It’s a fact that these electronic gadgets can dull your senses and drain your energy levels.

Psychologist Recommendation
Fatigue is a feeling of overtiredness that often hinders our day-to-day activities. Most of the time, people may confuse this state as being sleepy or tired but don't realize that it is tiredness and fatigue they are experiencing until it starts taking a toll on their mental and physical health.

Even though fatigue leads to poor mental and physical health, physical fatigue and mental fatigue are different from each other. However, physical exhaustion can lead to mental fatigue and vice-versa.

A healthy lifestyle and sleep play a prominent role in tackling tiredness and fatigue. Consult your doctor if you cannot recover or overcome fatigue for an extended period.

Final Thoughts

Tiredness or Fatigue is a very issue, especially with the new generation, because of the rat race. So if you’re facing severe Tiredness, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible. 

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