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Mind Muscle Connection: Myth or Reality?

Mind Muscle Connection


What puts you over the top? It is the mind that creates the body; it is the mind that makes you work out. It is the mind that visualizes what the body ought to look like as the finished product.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

What is that one thing you can tweak to make all your workouts more successful and impactful? For successful training, all you need is that one thing that can help you build muscle strength. In today’s article, we have covered the strong connection between the mind and muscle which is highly beneficial for muscle strength.

Mindfulness is an essential ingredient in every workout. Why only work out? You require mindfulness in everything you do. Since we all have a short time to exercise, why not make it count?

To build your muscles, you visit a gym. But concentrating on your mind during your training may be the best action to achieve the highest muscle-building results possible. Turning off your mind and focusing on the workout is what every four walls of your iron paradise appeal to everyone who walks into the gym that one visits.

Introducing the mythical mind-muscle link.

What is a Mind Muscle Connection?

Most bodybuilders unquestionably appreciate the mind-muscle connection. They take their time with their reps, concentrating on squeezing the target muscle and feeling it perform the work. According to the theory, the more effectively they can engage their muscle fibers and promote muscle growth, the better their relationship with the muscle will be. On the other hand, many people who exercise for strength and power could care less about the mind-muscle link. They lift vigorously to maximize performance even when aiming to gain muscle. They believe that the weight on the bar and their ability to move it quickly create tension, not the thoughts in their heads.

Both physical and mental discipline are required to establish a solid mind-muscle connection (MMC). There isn’t much to divert you while you’re paying close attention to your workout; it’s just you and the burn. Then again, is it worth the effort to develop a mind-muscle connection?

How do we practice mind-muscle connection (MMC)?

“Mind-muscle connection” describes a lifter’s concentration on specific muscle contractions during an exercise. For Example: While carrying out a biceps curl? Instead of considering how many repetitions you need to complete, how much weight you’re lifting, or what you’ll eat for dinner, you’ll concentrate on tightening your biceps as hard as possible. Another example is during Leg extensions, the concentric (lifting) portion of your exercise is what you should focus on, during your leg exercises.

You can strengthen and increase general muscular activation by enhancing the link between your muscles and mind. The rise in mind-muscle connection muscle growth increases biceps and quadriceps thickness. In addition, maintaining your attention on what you’re doing will make you acutely aware of your form, which is crucial when lifting heavy weights and frequently.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve MMC:

1. Concentrate on Contractions

Your muscles should contract forcefully for each rep to be as effective as possible.

2. Boost muscle activation

Even when you are not physically exercising, research suggests that thinking about muscle contractions enhances your cortical output (signals from your brain). Higher levels of muscle activation result from this, which is what you need to maximize your results.

3. Pre-Exercise Dynamic Warm-Up

Your blood will flow more efficiently, and pre-dynamic warm-up will activate the muscles you need for your workout.

4. Pick the right Exercises

Research shows that sports-specific exercises will improve your overall performance. For example: If your goal is to run a 5K race you must focus on specific drills and strength training. 

5. Turn off distractions

Your brain can concentrate on one task only. Turn off distractions like your phone and television. Try to focus on the activity you are currently doing.

Final Thoughts

Bodybuilders, physique competitors, and anyone aiming for maximum hypertrophy may benefit from concentrating on the target muscle throughout an exercise rather than the result or environment. Therefore, you should reflect on your training if you want great results. If you are a runner, then be mindful while running. It is beneficial to engage your core and your brain. Similarly, in other sports, studies have demonstrated that deliberately concentrating on the target muscle increases activation. Remember to bring the mind-muscle connection to your attention at the beginning of your workout, and try to remind yourself during your entire training.

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