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Find balance in your screen time. A Complete Guide on Digital Health and Wellness.

Find balance in your screen time. Learn all about digital health and wellness here.


In this article, we will learn about digital health and wellness and how it impacts us. We have also discussed the problems and ways to promote digital wellness. 

Let's dive right in..

Since we exhaust most of our time in Digital media these days, do you think you are taking enough care of yourself? 

Is it even possible to live a life without using technology and digital services? 

Well, if you ask us, we will say partially yes, and partially no, since digital media has completely taken our lives. So, it’s high time we start taking care of our digital health and wellness. 

According to a survey by globally users spend 7 hours a day on the internet. Experts say adults should limit screen time outside of work to less than two hours per day.

So, what are you doing to promote digital wellness?

Let’s get started

Find balance in your screen time. Learn all about digital health and wellness here.

What is digital health and wellness?

Digital health and wellness refer to taking care of our mental, emotional and physical health in this world surrounded by technologies. All of our health is deeply impacted by our digital surroundings. 

For example, 

If a person is very much addicted to social media, then that person will tend to spend most of their time in bed or making reels and embracing a sedentary lifestyle. 

Physical activity is a must for all, and it can be in any form. Be it short walks, jogging, or cycling, else it badly affects our health. 

Adverse effects of Sedentary Lifestyle as a result addiction to social media are:

There are even reports that say that social media is also a main reason behind stress and depression in today’s generation. 

The pictures and videos we see on a daily basis on the internet make us believe that the life we’re living is not good enough and everyone else is living a perfect life. 

Social media also creates fake expectations about love, career, life and everything.

Key Takeaway

The circular economy works on three principles: regenerative design, waste prevention, and resource efficiency, which can help create a more sustainable and equitable economy by reducing waste, maximizing resource value, and minimizing environmental impact.

6 Digital health and wellness Solutions

Now don’t panic after listening to the threats to your digital health and wellness because to every problem there is always a solution.

Let's dive deep into that

1. Have a No Phone Policy before Bedtime

Keep your phone away while you go to sleep. The best will be if you can keep it out of your bedroom, and that will improve your quality of life and sleep.

2. Turning Notifications Off

Turn off notifications of the apps that are not necessary. We often lose our focus after seeing a random notification from any app which actually has nothing to do with our life at that moment.

3. Switch to Productivity apps

Use time management apps to live your everyday life according to a fixed schedule rather than getting distracted by unnecessary things.

4. Use App Timers

Limit app usage by using app timers. Excessive scrolling through reels or shorts also leads to attention deficiency. You can also use the digital wellbeing tool available on your phone settings.

5. Mindfulness during Meals

Avoid your digital gadgets during mealtime. It’s more important to enjoy your meal with your family rather than focusing on the digital world.

6. Focus on One Thing at One Time

While working, put your entire focus at work because multitasking decreases productivity. Do deep work rather than working with scrolling through your social media apps or watching a movie/series.

Key Takeaway

Taking care of digital health and wellness is essential, and time management, notification blocking, and focus mode can help you with that.

Digital health and wellness for Students

Young people are getting more addicted to mobile phones than ever before. There is even a rising demand for digital watches. Even most of their screen time is dominated by blogs, vlogs, etc. 

Even The average attention span of a student is drastically decreasing because of extreme mobile usage. Students are highly addicted to OTT platforms, social media or video games, hampering their overall health and wellness.

Effect of social media on Students

Among all of these, social media affects students the most. Social media totally influences their mood. Students get depressed and anxious after watching some extraordinary achievements of other people.

How their friends are spending their life – the hotels they visit, the places they visit or the parties they attend all affect the mental health of a student. 

Social media also impacts the self-esteem of a person. 

Especially young people or students develop a fake image of the flawless body of any celebrity they follow. 

Watching some attractive body shapes leads to unfavourable self-comparison among students with those athletes and film stars. 

Worry less now, because we have also solutions to these problems 

Let's get into that,

Final Thoughts

In short:

Like our real-world physical and mental health, our digital health and wellness also need our attention. Decreasing digital time and spending more time with our loved ones is always a preferred option.

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