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10 Not-so-cliche Things to do when you're bored.

Diptaraj Bhaduri
April 2, 2023. 2 minute Read


In this article, you will learn all those no-so cliches things that you may try when bored. 

Not everyday can we plan for an exciting weekend, because at work there are always certain times when work takes over planning and management. Very irritating, right? No plans, no weekend getaway, hence we get bored. 

Let's dive right in..

Let’s get started

Boredom can come from living the same life daily and doing the same work on a regular basis. 

Sometimes we only need some refreshment after coming from work because of boredom and extreme tiredness. We prefer scrolling  through our mobile when we’re bored, but sometimes you can also get bored of those same reels and games, as well. 

So what next? 

We have come up with some exciting solutions to your problem so that you have some new things when you get bored the next time. 

Let's get started,

Fun things to do when you're bored

Let’s turn your boredom into fun and get to know some fun things that you can try to kill our boredom.

1.Learn a New Language

Here's the step-by-step process:

Why not learn a new language while you’re bored? That sounds like a good plan. 

Most of us know only 2-3 languages, but what if we learn the languages of some of the other states or even other countries? 

Learning a new language helps a lot. There are four good health benefits if you learn a new language:

Knowing something new is always fun, and learning a new language can be much more fun. There are also some real-life benefits of learning a new language and they are: 

key takeaways: Learning a new language will help you to become more creative and will make you smart. Apart from all other with other numerous mental health benefits.

2. Trip down memory lane

Going back down your memory lane is always a great thing. In your fastly running life, we get so busy with daily work and future dreams that we forget about the small cherishable moments of the past. 

Those school bunks, family get together or even your first date. Just go back to your gallery and look at those pictures with your loved ones. 

That is going to give you a lot of flashbacks of your lovely past memories. The unforgettable incidents are often required to be remembered for better mental and emotional health.

3. Take a walk

If  you’re bored of your sedentary lifestyle, then why not spend some time with the environment? 

Taking a small walk is a great way to kill your boredom. Not only that but taking a walk every day also has some physical benefits such as 

4. Learn to play an instrument

If you’re a music enthusiast, then learning to play an instrument is a perfect option for you. You can check the YouTube channel of Piku Attri for guitar, and Flautist Sudhnashu for flute. You can check similar channels for other instruments. 

It will help you to do things that you’re passionate about and also will help to get rid of being bored. When you learn to play an instrument, then that will also help you to make more friends who are also interested in music. 

Playing a musical instrument also has numerous mental health benefits such as:

5. Solve a puzzle game

Do you remember playing puzzle games in childhood? 

Why not start to solve those puzzles again? 

Solving puzzles is a very interesting job that can help you to become more creative and also to develop more patience. Buy some puzzle board games to solve those during your free time, or you can just play those games on your mobile. That will be a new use of your phone.

6. Play video games

I know you love your xbox stuff. Most people are fans of video games. Video games are good boredom-busters. 

It can become like an addiction, and that isn’t good, but if you’re looking for free time, then video games are excellent options. 

On today’s date, there are different online multiplayer games available that you can also play with your friends. That will help you to connect with your friends too. 

List of Trending video games

7. Start reading a book

If you’re a bookworm, then you indeed have this one idea as your boredom killer, but if you’re not a bookworm, then also you can try to start reading some books. 

Books are really helpful things. You can read some easy fictional books to begin to gain interest. You can read popular fiction like Sherlock Holmes, Tintin or Harry Potter. 

Some recently most popular books releases are: 

8. Decorate your room

If you think that your room is not looking presentable and is looking like a mess, then why not decorate it when you’re stultified? 

Decorating your room is not rocket science. Just keep the things in place. Give a proper look to your bookshelf. Clean the show pieces. 

You can also just give your pillow some new covers or a new curtain for your windows. If you’re an artist, you can also do some art on the wall for decoration. 

9. Coloring a coloring book

We are sure that most of you did this in your school days. Now let’s restart this again.

Buy some colouring books and just start colouring them. We can guarantee that you will not regret this later. 

Colouring books can boost your creativity and help you to get rid of stress levels. 

Getting back to memory lane is an additional benefit here. 

10. Read our Article

If you’re bored, then reading our blogs can be the best option. We have got you covered in different aspects of your life. 

Reading about different things can actually help your mind to get rid of stress and anxiety in the long run.

Final Thoughts

In Short:

Getting bored with that daily exhausting schedule is very common, but don’t let that boredom make you more depressed or stressed. 

You have a lot of things to do when you’re bored, and we helped you with some of them.

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