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Breaking the habit: 4 Strong Way to Stop Sleeping with Phone

Way to Stop Sleeping with Phone


In this article, we will learn how sleeping with a phone can cause a lot of damage to our bodies and why we must stop doing this.

In this article, we have covered everything that will help you overcome this habit and how badly it affects your mind.

Let's dive right in..

Smartphones have completely taken over our lives. We are so much into our smartphones that mindless scrolling is the first thing that we would do in the morning and the last thing at night.  

Anyways, we end up scrolling. And I am no saint. I am sure every night most of us are always confused if we watch the last episode, play another match or sleep. However, we at the One Liner are here to help you and get you covered with strong ways that can help you break the habit of sleeping next to the phone.  

Mindless scrolling,  Binge watching or just scrolling social media for no good reason has become a massive threat to our sleep schedule and has eventually affected our professional life.

Breaking the habit: 4 Strong Way to Stop Sleeping with Phone in 2023 (A Complete Guide)
Girl Using Mobile While Sleeping

Even Some Recent Trend Suggests…

India’s annoying Digital Media Habits which you Simply can’t ignore

According to a report by register strategy consultants, Indians spend around 7.3 hours daily using their mobile, more than the average time of Chinese and American citizens. The report also noted that most users are from tier -2 cities. On social media, I spend most of my time on social media when someone teaches me how to cook Biryani (FYI: I have seen that thousand times)or watching streaming or broadcasting. 

According to a study by Wakefit, 88% of Indians use mobile phones just before bedtime, and 59 % of the people go to bed after 11 pm. The study also showed that one-fourth of Indians experience irregular sleeping patterns and think they have ” insomnia” due” to spending more time on their cell phones and social media.

All these annoying trends show how bad the situation is, and when a practice becomes a habit and leads to a lifestyle disorder, it’s a problem we all need to address well.

Is Sleeping with a Phone Bad?

Simply put :

In a single word, yes. Sleeping with your phone is a very common thing today, but it has a lot of side effects. Many young people make it a habit to use their phones right before bed or even right up until they fall asleep. However, this bad practice may result in

Effects of Phone sleeping next to Head

We're not through yet:

You might be wondering about the effects of sleeping with a phone. Lets know more about it here:

Many people, after using their phones at night when they sleep, keep their phones next to their head. Some even keep it under their pillow. Mostly everyone keeps their phone very close to their head, which is a hazardous thing and can have side effects. 

Sleeping next to your phone can cause headaches and muscular pain because of the radiation phones produce. The transmission signals are about 900MHz of radiation produced from a Phone.

So where to Put Your Phone While Sleeping?

Let us explain:

As sleeping, while keeping the phone near to our head is dangerous, we need to know the solution also. You should try to keep the phone out of your bedroom ideally, but if you use it as an alarm clock, then at least keep it a safe distance from the bed. Please keep it at a distance where you must get out of bed to stop the alarm. This will benefit you in waking up on time.

Know what damages lack of sleep can do

Let's dig a little deeper

According to the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an adult body needs a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night. There are a lot of side effects of not getting proper sleep –

Breaking the habit: 4 Strong Way to Stop Sleeping with Phone in 2023 (A Complete Guide)

1. Depression

This may be because sleep deprivation impairs the brain’s capacity to control feelings, which can cause mood swings and negative thinking. Cortisol, a stress hormone, is produced in greater quantities when people don’t get enough sleep and the ensuing anxiety, tension, and frustration.

2. Weight gain

A hormone known as ghrelin, which is made in the stomach and has been linked to chronic sleep deprivation, can actually make individuals feel more hungry. Sleep deprivation also affects our metabolism rate, which causes problems in the digestive system.

Breaking the habit: 4 Strong Way to Stop Sleeping with Phone in 2023 (A Complete Guide)
Diabetes Patient

3. Diabetes

India is known as the ‘Diabetes capital of the world’ because we account for 17% of the total diabetes patients in the world, and this is a stat to be stressed about. Lack of sleep is a significant contributing factor to diabetes. Sleep deprivation disturbs our body’s glucose processing method, pushing us towards diabetes.

4. Heart disease

Heart disease and high blood pressure are related to sleeplessness. Insufficient sleep over time can also result in bad habits for your heart, such as higher stress levels, less desire to exercise, and unhealthy food choices.

How to stop sleeping with your phone ?

Want to know the best part,

Here are tips to stop sleeping with phone

1. Keep your phone out of your reach

Try to keep your mobile at a distance from you. Clean your bed before going to bed. Keep your phone in another room or at any place in your room which is farthest from your bed.

Try adding a new habit, like reading books or journaling before sleeping.

2. Get an alarm clock

Because of the morning alarm, many people use their smartphones as alarm clocks while sleeping. But people were also getting up and reaching their office or school in time before the invention of smartphones just by using alarm clocks. 

So it’s better to buy an alarm clock rather than use your phone as one.

3. Restrict Your Social Media Usage with a Time Tracker

If you’re someone who lacks self-control and scrolls Instagram reels even when you know that it’s not right, then this process can help you. You can restrict your usage by adding a timer to different apps, like 15 or 30 mins. You will get this option for the digital well-being of your phone. If you set a timer for an app, then it will automatically shut down when you reach the limit and eventually help to shut your phone and help you sleep.

Breaking the habit: 4 Strong Way to Stop Sleeping with Phone in 2023 (A Complete Guide)
Girl using Night Mode

4. Use Night Mode

If you use mobile during night time for work-related issues, then that’s not solvable by the first three solutions, but you can try using night mode. According to some studies, blue light may have a negative effect on your sleep pattern. 

Blue-light controls have been added to the settings for both Android and iOS. For instance, Apple’s Night Shift changes the on-screen colour range from blue to yellow.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell:

Extreme usage of mobiles is seriously very harmful to health. If it’s affecting your daily sleep cycle, then it’s time for you to be on alert because the consequences can be fatal. 

So, decrease your screen time using these tips and have a better sleep cycle and health.

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