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Brian Tracy's Eat that frog is Not a French Delicacy; It's All about Procrastination

Diptaraj Bhaduri

November 3, 2022. 4 minute Read


“The lost time is never found again”

 Benjamin Franklin.

Are you Procrastinating a lot these days? If yes, Eat That Frog, written by Brian Tracy, helps you kill Procrastination.


Procrastination is like unnecessarily delaying the task you must do to achieve what you want. In a study, Experts have seen that nearly 80%-95% of college students procrastinate at some point, but only 50% consider it a problem.

But Who is that Procrastinator?

A Procrastinator is someone who puts off his or her tasks till the last moment. A person who procrastinates usually works just before their deadline for an extended period without taking breaks.

What do you Need to Learn about Procrastination?

People who don’t experience Procrastination at a high level need to learn what it feels like when a person does not feel like working. 

And what we don’t know is that people who procrastinate are scared to do things because of stress, anxiety, boredom, self-doubt, or fear. 

So we got you covered with eleven tips for Procrastination by Author Brian Tracy in case you have been procrastinating a lot these days. This article will either help you to get your youtube video recorded or help you finish reading your favourite Novel from your favourite author. 

So How can this Book, “Eat That Frog” can Help You with Procrastination?

We know that you have many things on your calendar, which are most likely the goals you want to accomplish as soon as possible. But where is the problem? Time is our worst enemy. As a result, we either feel demotivated or start feeling guilty. 

But here is the good news, this book will help you get that extra time to work on your personal goals. 

So read on to know more about “Eat That Frog.

1. Set Your Goals

You should set your goals clearly. And clearly what you want to achieve. Please write down your goals before starting to work on them. Once you select your goals, it will force you to stick to it.

2. Plan Your Work

Plan your day early, and write them all if you want to complete those tasks and excel in life. Planning saves you time while executing your job.

Remember the 6 P’s – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

3. Prioritise Tasks

Learn to prioritize tasks as you can only do few things at a time, so first set your priority.

Follow the ABCDE method for that – like

A: The most crucial task that you need to do anyhow

B: The task that you must do after doing A

C: The task which, if done then that, ‘s good

D: The task you must delegate

E: The task of no value

4. Only do a Few Things at a Time

Take one step at a time. Stay calm about the larger image of the work. Just start with one step at a time. You should complete a task in a step-by-step manner. Accomplish the first part of the task, then go to the other leg. 

It helps a lot.

5. Level up Yourself

Learn more and upgrade your skills because the more skillful you are, the easier it becomes for you to complete a task. Remember! Lack of skill never helps in the long run.

6. Break Your Task

Break down the big task into small pieces and start doing it. Focus on only a few tasks, and you will never procrastinate. Understand the 80/20 rule because 20% of your jobs will make up 80% of the results, so focus and eat the ugliest frog again; it helps a lot.

7. Know What you are Good at

And do the most important tasks in a particular hour so that you can get the most amount of work in a short time, and your productivity will increase. Break your day into large chunks of time, be seated, and work until the task gets done.

8. Identify your Most Productive Hours

Motivate yourself because it’s your goal, and you will have to achieve it. So be optimistic and start your work rather than search for motivation and then do it.

9. Be your Own Best Motivator

Develop a sense of urgency, which will pressure you to achieve the goals before the deadline at any cost. Without creating urgency, you will get distracted, but make a deadline and give your 100% to complete that work within time.

10. Create Urgency

Eat healthily, sleep early, exercise correctly, and don’t let technology control your mind.

Remember that “Technology is a good servant but a terrible master.”

Some of the Best Quotes from the Book -

Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field. "

Taking action without thinking about things is a prime source of problems. "

All of life is the study of attention; where your attention goes, your life follows. "

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. "

    Final Thoughts

    But anyway, does Procrastination Help?

    Follow the 3 D's to develop some new habits -

    Decision – Discipline – Determination.

    If you can follow all these tips in your daily life, then we are damn sure that you will be super happy with your productivity.

    Stay Tuned!

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