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BoAt Marketing Strategy Case Study that can Blow your Mind

Diptaraj Bhaduri

March 2, 2023. 2 minute Read


The wearable electronics marketplace in India was already competitive, with more than 200+ brands lethally competing against each other to take over the Indian market. The reason behind this was the massive size of the Indian market with a young population whose average age is 27+ years. The BoAt was an underdog when it started, but over time, it has become one of the most used and profitable brands in the wearable electronics market sector of India.

About BoAt

BoAt is an Indian company founded in 2016 by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta which sells audio-focused electronic products like wireless speakers, earbuds, wired and wireless headphones, home audio gear, premium rugged cables, and a variety of other tech accessories. 

According to a report from 2022, the company started out as a cable manufacturer and seller before quickly expanding into other markets currently has a market share of 32.1% keeping brands like Mivi and Realme far behind.

History of BoAt company

BoAt with the motive to provide millennials and Gen-Z customers in India with cost-effective, durable, and stylish audio goods and accessories, launched as a lifestyle brand in the consumer electronics sector in 2016. Born in 2016, boAt began offering connector cables on Amazon India as its sole channel of revenue. Slowly they then entered into markets of personal audio before sliding into more recent areas like wireless audio, home audio, and smartwatches. The products of boAt are Well designed and reasonably priced in each category and are also backed by aggressive marketing campaigns and a multi-brand ambassador strategy. BoAt now asserts that four devices are sold every minute, or 6,000 units per day. The successful story of boAt made Aman Gupta popular as a marketing genius. It quickly rose to become the fifth-largest wearable business in the world and one of India’s first digitally native brands to record revenues of over $65 million and this success made boAt marketing strategies a talk of the town for all other entrepreneurs who are also trying to stand out in their respective market defeating all their rival brands. 

Success story of BoAt

BoAt concentrates on establishing a quality relationship with its customers in which it views the customers as members of the boAt family, the customer service that boAt provides actually makes their customer feel a bit more special. Also their quality marketing tactics which make them seen everywhere. The products of boAt were made affordable, enduring, and fashionable as the founders thought to make their wearables more attractive to the young customer base of India. They also put a lot of emphasis on the boAt brand and portrayed it as an Indian one using the face of different Indian celebrities. Because Indians are huge fans of both cricket and Bollywood movies, boAt chose to use these cricketers and bollywood stars there as brand ambassadors for the company’s marketing efforts. With affordable pricing and appealing designs, all of these helped the business build a sizable customer base and become a billion-dollar company in India.

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Marketing Strategies that BoAt used to capture the market

1. BoAt used the opportunity quite well.

In 2016, India was changing at a rapid rate, jio has just the Indian market and people have started using the internet at peak. At that time there was a high need to wearables in the market as most mobile phone companies stopped giving a headphone with their mobile sets and the other options were premium companies such as Apple, JBL, and Bose but there was no affordable brand for the majority of population and there’s where boAt saw an opportunity and used it to fullest.

2. Celebrity endorsements

boAt marketing strategies were insane and one of the strongest pillars of their marketing strategy is celebrity endorsements. From cricketers like Hardik Pandya and Rishabh Pant to bollywood celebrities like Kartik Aryan and Kiara Advani, a lot of these celebrities worked as the brand ambassador of boat which made it highly popular among young Indians especially through internet.

3. BoAt featured itself more as lifestyle brand

More than just a normal wearables electronic brand which makes earphones and earpods boAt decided to become a lifestyle brand for the young generation. They even collaborated with different top fashion designers in Lakme fashion week. The cool and funky designs of the headphones attracted many young Indian customers. 

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4. Strong Online presence

It’s a well known fact now that if you want to win in the modern world then you need to be able to make your presence felt on social media platforms. boAt ran a lot of social media marketing campaigns and stayed away from traditional media which is also a big reason why young Indians prefer boAt over every other brand. A report says that social media plays a very important role in shaping the purchasing decisions of GenZ.

Final thoughts

We at The One Liner also wish to see you as a successful business person someday. Aman Gupta has already inspired thousands of entrepreneurs in India trying to build something from scratch. Even Aman Gupta claims that Boat has been profitable since day 1. And as per the Economic times, BoAt has seen a solid year-to-year rise in profits and revenue in the financial year 2020. These days, when every company is looking more for funding and talks less about Profit, Boat is the only startup that can inspire many on how to create a profitable business that targets mostly Genz and Millenials.

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