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An Honest Opinion: What Boys Think of
Valentine's Day Gifts

Dastan Huzifa & Diptaraj Bhaduri
February 14, 2022. 4 minute Read

An Honest Opinion: What Boys Think of Valentine's Day Gifts

We asked our fellow male writers what they think on Valentine’s Day, and this is what they have to say, 

Opinion 1

By Dastan Huzaifa 

As a regular guy in my twenties from India, I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. While it can be a special day to celebrate love, it has become increasingly commercialized and expensive, particularly when choosing the perfect gift for your partner. Additionally, in India, where traditions and family values are highly valued, it can be challenging to explain to parents why you want to celebrate this holiday and justify the expense of buying gifts. Despite these challenges, finding unique and thoughtful gift ideas can make the Day memorable and meaningful for you and your partner.

I have a lot of friends, and I get to see a lot of different perspectives that guys my age have regarding valentines day. Some people see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate their love for their partner and make it memorable with thoughtful gifts, romantic gestures, and quality time spent together. Others think of Valentine’s Day as a commercialized holiday that puts too much pressure on people to spend money on gifts and extravagant dates and instead prefer to show their love and appreciation for their partner more regularly.

Valentine’s Day can be a brutal reminder of their relationship status for some single people. It can cause feelings of loneliness or inadequacy, while others use the Day to celebrate their friendships or enjoy their independence. And the worst part in some cultures or religions don’t even recognize or celebrate Valentine’s Day, and those who participate feel judged or criticized by others who do not agree with the holiday’s message or origins. They wish it would not exist as a social reminder.

But anyways, who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? Celebrate with The One Liner’s Valentine’s Quote Writing contest and show love to all who matter to you! You can always use Valentine’s Day to spread love and kindness beyond your romantic relationships by sending cards or gifts to friends, family, or strangers and volunteering and donating to charitable causes. And I love people who do that.

In between all of the different views and conundrums, we can celebrate Valentine’s Day, but not as a commercial holiday. But as an excuse to show some attention and love to your significant other. Don’t go overboard searching for that perfect gift or burning a hole through your wallet. Find the balance between lavish and lovely, and most importantly, spend quality time with your partner. And those of you who are spending it alone this year, chin up; there’s someone for you too. 

I promise!

Opinion 2

By Diptaraj Bhaduri

Valentine’s day is precious because it allows you to showcase your love through gifts or gestures. Even though I am single, the gifting ritual makes Valentine’s Day unique and special. 

When you get into a relationship, it becomes your responsibility to know the taste and choice of your partner about different things, and sometimes even the smallest of things make them enormously happy. But we often attach these gifting rituals with the gift price and don’t care whether the gift is something our partner likes. It’s not the price of the present but the emotions and love attached to the present that is important. 

But if I had someone special, here is what I would instead invest in these things this Valentine’s Day. Several small gifts hold a lot of value, and you can gift your partner on Valentine’s day. 

1. Books  

Many people in this world are bookworms whose lives center around books. Books add a lot of value to our life. Sometimes if you can find out your partner’s favorite author or genre, you can find a book that may not cost very high but can show that you care about what your partner likes. Even if you are not a huge book fan, at least you can go through the Book review of The One Liner.  

And even if you’re single, you can receive Hampers from The One liner by participating in our pick-up line contest, and win exciting hampers worth ₹2500. 

2. Earrings 

Girls are often obsessed with earrings. Earrings are inexpensive if you’re not planning to buy a 22-carat gold one or a diamond one. You can buy a good pair of earrings at a very affordable price and gift them to your partner, which will show them your love for them. 

An Honest Opinion: What Boys Think of Valentine's Day Gifts
An Honest Opinion: What Boys Think of Valentine's Day Gifts

3. Chocolates  

Chocolates are one of the most affordable gifts you can give your partner to make them happy. Chocolates can lift your partner’s mood. Girls often love chocolates.

4. Write a Love Letter 

Writing a love letter is free of cost; this is the one thing that will not cost you a single penny but can add a lot of value to your partner’s life is a handwritten letter with your feelings and love written in that piece. These small gestures often turn out to be the costliest and best gift to your partner.

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