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Grow n’ Shine! 10 Skills to learn for humans

Technology has taken over our lives, but we still need specific life skills, which are always about more than finding the right job. Thus, we must learn particular life skills that can amplify the overall growth of individuals to to thrive in any situation in life. 


Life is not only about making peace with yourself but it is also about making new connections, overcoming life challenges, and living a content life. Thus,


In this article you will learn the 10 most anticipated skills to foster personal growth and development. It will help you to build a stronger foundation in life and create wonders!

Let's dive into the pool of skills!

10 Skills to grow and learn in life

1. Communication and interpersonal skills

Our communication and interpersonal skills decide three things in life: friendship, deepening an ongoing relationship, and falling in love. Though some claim our happiness should never depend on others, but remember, how we communicate to others determines our happiness and fulfillment; in fact, you will see most used words in English are love, hate, dislike, and like are some of the words that we frequently use in our communications. 

Thus, there is no denying the universal importance of communication and interpersonal skills in our lives. They are not just essential, but they are the very fabric that weaves our relationships and interactions, making us feel understood and connected.

2. Problem solving capabilities and self-awareness

Individuals with self-awareness are aware of their leadership capability. Know yourself can improve your emotional intelligence, develop authentic leadership skills, and improve overall performance.

But how to be self-aware?

There are three components of self-awareness: self-evaluation, the process, and then attention. Self-awareness comes when you start reflecting on your behavior and then understand to put all your attention and focus on the same to start focusing on the process. 

Self-awareness is not just a concept, but a powerful tool that can transform your abilities and shape them into a better version of yourself. It paves the way for personal and professional growth, enabling you to achieve your best in life.

3. Creativity and time management

Creativity sparks in individuals when there is a time crunch. 

High level of creativity is observed in humans, when there is a time crunch because you feel you are on a mission to achieve your target and not distracted by anything around you. Since you are so positively charged up, you completely immerse yourself in generating solutions or gaining new ideas. 

Hence, creativity is a skill that helps in fetching an experience of working under different time management situations which is essential for our work life.

4. Decision-making and critical thinking

Decision- making is a crucial skill for availing opportunities and distinguishing between what’s morally right and wrong. An informed decision is a result of one’s critical thinking that helps to deeply analyze, evaluate, and interpret.

Never take any hasty decision, a quick decision is a poor decision because of lack of time to critically think and evaluate your situations. 

5. Resilience and criticism

Often, people who live on their own face numerous challenges, be it not having enough cash until the end of the month or being forcefully asked to change their accommodation in the last hours. 

Remember, if you are resilient, you can face it all with confidence.

Thus, resilience is yet another essential skill that helps you to rise from an adverse situation.

Resilience helps you to identify your own unique competency and helps to build certain healthy abilities responsible for the sense of resilience to develop. Whereas criticism aids in improving our mistakes and helps us to face difficult situations more efficiently.

6. Cooking

What is your hot-pot boiling now?

Get away from Swiggy and zomato; cook something special; cook something that is important for sustenance. 

Cooking helps us to gain a sense of independence and reduces the dependency on other people. Cooking helps us to explore our interests and preferences. Also, it acts as a captivating hobby to get relief from stress and obtain happiness.

Did you know?

Abhijit Bannerjee, Nobel prize winner for economics, follows his passion for cooking to break the monotony, and do something he enjoys beyond being just an economist. 

7. Adaptability and Emotional intelligence

Stress, sleepless nights and dreamless eyes! How is your work-life balance?

Work days have become a strong source of stress due to tight deadlines, high competition, and evolving trends. Hence, a good work-life balance is required to achieve great career management, exploration, and commitment along with a state of mental and physical well being. 

Hence, achieving a great balance between both work and life helps to express your thoughts better and display the most productive traits at your workplace, school, college or any sphere of life. 

Thus, by improving our adaptability skills we can conquer all our emotional problems and showcase the best version of your passion at work.

8. Leadership Skills

Leadership is the activity of influencing people to strive willingly for mutual objectives -George R. Terry

Leadership skills  teaches us to work for a cause to that extent which results in the greatest outcome.

Leadership skills are important to inspire people around us for achieving and significance in life. In fact, leadership has its own operating currency that is part of its process such as transparency, trust, reputation, purpose, and commitment.

9. Analytical abilities

Analytical skills are a component of effective problem solving and it helps to break chunks of information into smaller portions that further aids in efficient memorization and application in real life. It helps a person to make full use of logic and achieve a rational solution. It curates an easy path for developing administrative competency.

10. Stress management

Lost your smile! Incessant worries?

Stress  can hinder our daily routine and can affect our organizational capabilities, learning and understanding abilities and overall physical and psychological well being is at stake. 

There is no quick-fix cure for stress. Its solutions for relief vary from person to person. Managing stress efficiently can be achieved by understanding one’s own capabilities and interests. Some people need rest, some need to awaken their inner child, and some need to surround themselves with their near and dear ones.

How to manage stress?

Try the following methods below: 

Final Thoughts

Go and grow! Learn the magic of the most efficacious skills!

Humans are unique and have a differing self concept. Each person should equip oneself with a galore of skills to increase productivity, enhance abilities, and tackle a diverse range of problems and difficulties of life.

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