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For People who live to Eat: Can home cooking reverse the obesity epidemic?

Did you know?

Your kitchen has a solution to every lifestyle disorder you face today. Be it hormonal imbalance leading to obesity or lack of cooking in your kitchen. Your kitchen has every solution if you are obese. 

But why is obesity a growing problem in India?

From shifting diets, to lifestyle changes, to services from Swiggy and Zomato, to increase in stress levels to more growing disposable income within the educated middle class communities in India, all these things are the leading factors why obesity is increasing in India. 

It has been observed if your economy is growing the consumption of cookies in educated middle class citizens suddenly starts growing. In fact, people are so lazy or so occupied by work today, that they are ready to order food from outside, or eat processed food, but refrain from cooking healthy meals at home. 

So, if you ask us if cooking can reverse the obesity epidemic, the answer is partially yes. Cooking is cardio that engages your body’s muscles and mind. However, it is important to note here that you are what you eat! 

Thus, if you cook Maggi and still believe that you will be free from obesity, this will not happen. How healthy your meals are is what makes and breaks obesity in individuals. 


In This article, we’ll study how home cooking can reverse the obesity epidemic. 

But why prefer Home-Cooked Meals?

Preparing meals from scratch and spending more time in the kitchen can significantly improve our health and well-being. One of the main advantages of cooking at home is that we can choose what ingredients go into our meals. By doing so, we progress toward a better lifestyle by reducing our fast food consumption, which is frequently high in sugar, calories, and harmful fats, leading to many lifestyle disorders and increasing hypertension among unhealthy individuals. 


We are blessed that our Indian kitchen doesn’t promote unhealthy food practices or need much oil. 

Cooking at home is so blissful! You know your oil, you know if your products are fresh, and you can even modify portion sizes to fit your requirements, thus improving your overall wellness.

How Home Cooking Can Help Combat the Obesity Epidemic?

1. Break Free From Packaged Food

And Improve Your Cooking Skills

Once you start enjoying your me-time in the kitchen, you start exploring your cooking skills, from cooking what’s easy to make to refraining from food outside. By exploring your time in the kitchen, you not only improve your cooking skills but also become very mindful about the amount of oil and type of produce used in your meals. 

As our confidence in the kitchen grows, we frequently experiment with different recipes and ingredients. Thus, by decreasing our need for packaged and fast meal options, these slight changes may help us appreciate healthier foods instead, reducing the chances of obesity in individuals.

2. Cooking at Home Provides a Wealth of Nutritious Options.

There are countless combinations, ranging from an easy yet delectable Hummus and Pita to a substantial Grilled Chicken with sautéed veggies or Indian comfort food Rice and Dal in lunch to roti-sabzi at dinner. 

Thus, cooking at home provides a wealth of nutritious options. These meals not only fulfill your dietary needs but also help us maintain a healthy weight and general well-being.

3. Maintain Healthy Diets

Cooking at home has the added benefit of encouraging a healthy diet. It enables us to include nutrient-dense items in our diet, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. 

You are more mindful about a diet that has proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Thus, it helps to maintain a healthy diet in individuals. Proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals are essential for a balanced diet, which effectively fights obesity and promotes weight loss.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you will plan your meals around that by adding more fiber and cooking your meals in less oil. And if you want to gain weight, you will probably want to eat more protein to build your muscle mass. 

Whether on a Mediterranean, Ketogenic, Paleo, Vegetarian, or other diet, cooking at home enables people to make delicious and nourishing meals that help them achieve their health objectives.

4. You Start Adapting Healthy Eating Habits

One of the main advantages of home cooking is that it promotes wholesome eating practices. Cooking at home allows people to try out a range of nutritious meal combinations. For example, Anushka Sharma is not into carbs and neither into animal protein, rather she indulges into carbs which are easy to digest and are highly fibrous. 

Even Virat Kohli once said he started adopting healthy eating habits to maintain a particular physique. Many sportspeople do so. Christiano Ronaldo has a particular eating habit that helps him maintain stamina, aid in energy management, and fulfill nutritional requirements. 

This promotes the intake of nutritious grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables—all vital elements of a balanced diet that helps with weight loss while combating obesity. Physicians emphasize the direct link between our lifestyle choices and overall health.

However This Is Not Enough!

5. Changing Lifestyle Choices is Important

According to Physicians, our lifestyle and eating decisions directly affect our health. By making fresh fruits, vegetables, and water our top priorities, we can avoid many health problems. 

Eating food from unhealthy outlets regularly is also a problem because they often cook high-sodium, oily, and spicy food using poor-quality oil, which later becomes a problem for the human body and contributes to one of the reasons that lead to ulcers

Teaching kids to make healthy lifestyle choices is essential because we can no longer afford to treat obesity-related issues with drugs and surgery. 

Prevention and proper dietary habits are the keys to lowering the load on our healthcare system and enhancing general health.

Also ,

6. Cooking Meals Help To Maintain A Healthy Weight in Individuals

Preparing wholesome meals at home that promote a balanced diet is essential for weight management.For example, we can eat packaged food once or twice in a week, but rest of the time, we must cook our meals to maintain a healthy weight. 

Additionally, cooking at home allows consumers to manage their portion sizes and avoid the frequently oversized servings available at fast food restaurants.

In fact, cooking meals is an extraordinary cardio exercise,where you flex your arms, and burn some calories while hopping around the kitchen.


Home cooking can help fight obesity by encouraging good eating habits, boosting positive lifestyle choices, and lowering the consumption of fast food. 

Cooking wholesome meals at home and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can significantly contribute to the fight against obesity.

Final Thoughts

Dust off those pots and pans and experiment in the kitchen to fight obesity and enhance your health. 

You may have tasty, nutrient-dense meals that help you achieve your weight management objectives and put you on the road to a healthier future with a little time and effort. 

Come on, let’s cook our way healthy!

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