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Young, Spirited, and Slightly Caffeinated! Take this 45 second quiz Now!


Take this quiz and lets see how young your are mentally?


Young, Spirited, and Slightly Caffeinated


Choose an Option And We'll Tell You How Young You are Mentally!


1 / 10

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade?

2 / 10

Have you ever been called the "mom" or "dad" of your friend group?

3 / 10

Would you rather spend time reading a book than partying all night?

4 / 10

Do do you prefer to calling instead of texting to communicate with friends?

5 / 10

How often do you use slang or popular phrases in your language?

6 / 10

When faced with a problem, do you prefer to seek advice from others or figure it out on your own?

7 / 10

Do you still get excited about receiving birthday presents?

8 / 10

Do you often use emojis in your text messages and social media posts?

9 / 10

Are you familiar with current pop culture trends?

10 / 10

Have you ever binge-watched a TV series in one sitting?

Your score is

The average score is 20%


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