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Why Nokia Changed Its Logo, and How it is Consistently Marketing Its Product.

Pavani Mantripragada

March 14, 2023. 2 minute Read

Evolution Of Logo Nokia

In 2023, Nokia changed its logo from the old to the newer one showing its changing marketing.

When you drop your new phone from your bed, the screen gets cracked unless you invest in a screen guard, but Nokia has always had a reputation for being one of the world’s most indestructible phones available in the market. For the masses, when Nokia introduced their mobile phones, it wasn’t just a phone for us; it was its classic ringtone, ‘City Bird,’ their snake games, and their sturdiness.

In the world of smartphones today, every known smartphone company is introducing its flagship phones after every interval. If you see the current trends, Nokia needs to catch up compared to the popularity of Redmi, Xiaomi, Apple, OnePlus, Apple, and Oppo. Still, people have always vouched for its durability and for being one of the indestructible phones worldwide. Though it’s a fact that every company comes up with these features today, we all also notice that with every newly launched updated smartphone, our smartphone processor gets slower. We look out to buy new smartphones, but durability remains a question.

Even today, Nokia is a brand favorite for those who want to invest in a phone and use it for the next 6-7 years. Its keypad phones are still a hit, and people genuinely buy them. But what affirms Nokia’s Durability? The Nokia 3310 has such famed longevity because fiber optics were yet to develop back then, so they only had the option of developing phones using metal cases or hard plastic. The first phone to come up using fiber optics was Sony Erixon. And it instantly caught the market by storm and became extremely famous.

Branding Strategy Of Nokia

Nokia uses two types of branding strategies. The company has built its brand with premium multimedia phones for high-end buyers. But when it comes to emerging markets, its brand strategy focuses on offering affordable phones because the consumer in this target market consists of two types of customers: luxury buyers and economy seekers. But off lately.

Nokia has been consistently changing its Logo.

The Logo of Nokia has changed five times till now. Nokia came up with its first logo in 1865. It was salmon fish from the river Nokianvirta.

Then the second logo, designed for Nokia at the end of the 19th century, has stayed with the brand for almost seventy years, becoming the most long-lasting badge in the company’s history. It changed in 1898. Then comes the third logo, a pentagonal badge shaped like a Diamond with a plain white background and a thin black outline. The central part of the logo was taken by three-leveled lettering in a simple handwritten font, also in black.

Arrow is a symbol of corporate progress and progress in the telecommunications industry, and in 1966, when Suomen Kaapelitehta and Suomen Kumitehta merged, Nokia announced its fourth logo, the Arrows logo. It looked very similar to the current one, except for the font, a lighter shade of blue, and an arrow image. The current logo presents the brand in a minimalistic sense. It is like a “play” button that connects to the industry in which Nokia operates. And, off course, they embrace the meaning of the three arrows of the previous logo, which symbolize progress. Then lastly, in 2023, the Nokia logo was redesigned, and came up with a fifth logo creating an exquisite and progressive company image.

Why Nokia Changed Its Logo
CEO Pekka Lundmark in recent Nokia's Press Conference.

But why Nokia is consistently Changing its Logo?

CEO Pekka Lundmark announced a three-phase, reset, accelerated, and scaled strategy. When he took over as head of Finland’s Nokia Group in 2020. The phases are According to Reuters, the word “Nokia” in the new Logo consists of five different forms. Different colors have replaced the typical blue color of the previous Logo. Finnish 5G device maker Nokia has updated its Logo to distance itself from the mobile phone industry, which it left over ten years ago. According to CEO Lundmark, Nokia is now a “business technology company” and no longer just a smartphone maker. They are now looking to expand into creating other technological machines.


In most people’s minds, we are still a successful mobile phone brand, but this is not what Nokia is all about. We want to launch a new brand that is focusing very much on the networks and industrial digitalization, which is a completely different thing from the legacy mobile phones.”

-CEO Pekka Lundmark

The old form of Nokia has identified explicitly with a smartphone company losing its grip in the smartphone industry. Where iPhone, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, MI, and many others are leading competitors, Nokia needs help to keep up. Hence, the new branding of the Logo is to show its new leadership and new goals, which is step one in rebranding. When they lose relevance, most companies seek to be seen again by rebranding and showing themselves as new up-to-date value-added companies, which brings attention to them. They can work on a strategy to attract the market.

Once they rebrand themselves as more than just a mobile company, they will accelerate growth into other aspects of technology for businesses by creating software for business companies.

Why Nokia Changed Its Logo
Girl using Nokia Lumia

Nokia has an Outstanding Distribution Network

So, there are 4 Ps of marketing, and Nokia does follow the same.

1. Production

Nokia focuses its marketing mainly on mobile phone production only. The company is constantly developing its product range and continually inventing new models.

But Nokia has two different focuses: one is to produce low-cost mobile phones, and the second is its cutting-edge technology. They introduced their new mobile phones according to the market requirements. For example, phones shared in the Middle East have an Arabic language function, while in France, the language is French. 

2. Pricing

Pricing strategies used by Nokia vary from situation to situation and product to product. For RandD’s newly designed high-tech products, the company first uses an exfoliating marketing strategy and then lowers the price. The company uses a penetration pricing strategy for lean products while focusing on the economy. These days almost every smartphone does the same. 

3. Promotion

Behind the company’s success is the organization’s excellent promotional activity. Nokia, too, uses integrated marketing communication to promote its various products in different parts of the world.

4. Place

Nokia’s distribution network is around 150 countries; you must consider this number. To date, Nokia continues to use its aggressive marketing strategy to improve its network and its market development strategy to target new markets worldwide. Nokia has also devised a new location strategy by opening retail stores known as “Nokia Priority.” However, it’s a fact that every company does the same these days. 

Final Thoughts

Despite having yet to dominate a market completely, even in its founding Finnish market, Nokia remains a significant player in the market of Mobile phones. Although it is doing well enough in its loyal market base, it still needs to rework its Marketing Strategy to stand up to today’s big brands that are getting more famous day by day.

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