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Influencers everywhere selling you dreams (and maybe mediocrity)? So why be influence by them?

Influencers—people with sizable internet followings—can readily impact our thoughts, decisions, and even our way of life in our digital age. They frequently advocate for goods, fads, or concepts that may not be best for us but benefit their wallet. In fact, the influencer marketing industry in India is expected to grow further to Rs.34 billion in 2026 from R.s19 Billion in 2023.

But can we all believe in all the influencers? And what are the gains from influencer marketing? 

Here is the thing: Influencer marketing indeed helps brands to spread word of mouth about the product, but the find say, is how the quality of the product. Because at the end of day, no matter how much one invests in influencer marketing if the product is bad, the product will fail. 

But are the reviews from influencers real enough? Some sound very real, and some make us feel; why on earth, “I got that!”

We all know that influencers have all these partnerships on their social media channel. At times their influence is so strong that we end up buying unnecessary products only to meet unrealistic goals. However, Matter Communication says 69% of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations.

International celebrities like the Kardashians and Indian micro-influencers like Komal Pandey can raise our expectations and create jealousy. 

The Kardashians, for example, frequently flaunt their luxurious lifestyles, which makes us feel inferior. Komal Pandey’s fashionable Instagram images have the potential to make us feel self-conscious about our wardrobes.

It’s crucial to remember that these influencers frequently present an elegant version of reality, so to prevent feeling inadequate, we need to maintain a balanced viewpoint here.

It can be misleading for influencers to appear, though they are biased in their opinions of us. For instance, consider the Fyre Festival. Influencers marketed the music festival as a wealthy and elite event. Still, when attendees arrived, they discovered a complete disaster with no basic amenities, no adequate infrastructure, and a drastically different experience from what they were promised. This unfair promotion duped people into paying for an event that was a total letdown, which raised irrational hopes.

There are many unfair promotions of various startup festivals by influencers across India, where the organizers duped money from many young adults promising their presence. 

After reading the books of many influencers, you will realize how poorly written they are, yet they still managed to sell 1 million copies. Remember! Every brand seeks business. 

Setting unrealistic goals can harm your identity.

Consider the Thigh Gap, for instance, which promotes the idea that a space between your thighs is necessary for physical attractiveness or fitness. That is just setting unachievable benchmarks. In addition, there are things like the buzz around “Flat Tummy Tea”. 

People grabbed it because an influencer claimed anything without verifying it was genuine. However, here’s the thing: influencers make mistakes, too. They could be more flawless. We must learn to trust our instincts more. 

Remember! These influencers are all about the glamor, have high quality cameras, they gym consistently to look a certain way, they know how to tweak Instagram algorithm, but it’s sometimes all an illusion to make sales. 

But how to stop getting distracted from these influencers?

Regaining your control over your own story. While watching a reel and being influenced by others, remember the three Ps: perspective, purpose, and pause.

Since influencers are everywhere, there are so many options and much to watch. It’s simple to become bogged down and forget what’s most important to us. Instead of pursuing our genuine desires, we often find ourselves seeking the interests of others.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with watching influencers per se. 

It gets dangerous when we become fixated with their ostensibly ideal lives. We must stay focused on our objectives and remember that this information is meant to be enjoyed; we shouldn’t get carried away by it. Let’s block out the distractions, concentrate on our priorities, and maintain our path unhindered, shall we?

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