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Life or books? Bookworms choose wisely. Dive into their world and learn their characteristics.


People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.

Logan Pearsall Smith

Have you ever come across your friends who are so obsessed with the habit of reading that they are always nerd-ing around, have opinions, and are usually epicenters of the knowledge kingdom? 

I’m pretty sure, in your day-to-day life you must have interacted with many such individuals who developed a habit of reading a bit early in their life and you will still find their childhood books on their bookshelves.

Are bookworms different than normal readers?

Bookworms are usually different from normal readers because they just don’t read for the story; they appreciate the author’s craft. They might even reread a favorite book and notice details they missed before.  As per them, these details are like hidden clues, which were planted by the author earlier, and now, upon rereading, everything clicks into place. 

This appreciation for the author’s skill is another reason bookworms love to get lost in the world of books. They even search for book reviews before they buy a new one.


In this article, let’s explore the characteristics of bookworms.

Your Bookworm friend deserves all the attention now!

Here is what makes them a bookworm:

1. They prioritise reading time

Does your friend schedule their day around their next reading session?

When I say they prioritise reading time I actually mean it!

Their mindset is literally like, reading over anything.

You will often observe them dedicating their weekend to some of the new releases or evenings scheduled for finishing a chapter and even some of their short breaks filled with a few stolen pages. 

These are all telltale signs which point towards only one thing: your friend might be a true bookworm!

2. They talk in literary references

Have you ever heard two movie buffs discussing their favorite films?

They might throw around quotes and references that only other fans would understand. The same goes for even bookworms. You know their conversations also leave you feeling a little lost.

Just think of someone, who has read and understood, “The Alchemist ”. The whole book is written with bunch of literary references and allusion. 

So, if ever, you feel confused when two of your bookworm friends talk with quotes from classic novels or poems which you haven’t read? It probably means they spend a lot of time reading.

This also sub-sums to the fact that bookworms feel very emotionally satisfied after discussing such references with people with such similar interests.

3. Their imagination runs wild

People who love reading books usually have a very active imagination. This is because they read so many stories that spark their creativity. They might find themselves daydreaming about the characters and places in their latest book. 

Author JK Rowling’s Harry Potter book is based on a similar concept. 

Although at some point they feel very disconnected with these characters, but this habit of them getting lost in their thoughts often help them think of new and creative ways to solve problems. 

Since they read about many different situations and ideas, they can use that knowledge to come up with unique solutions in real life.

4. They have a deep emotional connection with characters and their books

Does your bookworm friend feel sad when a character dies in a book, or are you happy when a character wins? Book lovers often develop strong emotional bonds with the characters they read about. 

Even though the characters aren’t real, bookworms feel they know them personally and react to their experiences with real emotions.

Many books are written about real-life characters based on their real-life stories, and later, they are seen on the silver screen, namely Kai Po Che, 12th Fail, etc. 

You will also find many friends of yours carrying their books and bookmarks.

They are excited about completing their current book and know about the following two or three books on their bucket list, clearly showing their love and passion for reading.

5. They are empathetic and have good emotional intelligence

Bookworms are different from other people in terms of emotional connections. Reading allows them to step into the shoes of different characters, fostering empathy and understanding of diverse experiences and emotions.

Many books talk about improving our life, such as Power of Subconscious Mind, The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck, etc, that are based around improving their quality of life. 

This habit makes them experience different situations through words. They often sound compelling enough for you if you are feeling low, and they can inspire you in several ways through the stories they have read.

Living in a book world isn't a bad thing!

So how to be a great friend of someone who is a bookworm?

Reading books fosters creativity, empathy, and a love of language. However, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance. 

Here are some tips to connect with your bookish friend:

1. Join them!

Remember: A bookish friend is a treasure; you can learn many things from them.

Try to take recommendations for books, and maybe you can both read a book at the same time so that you can have a conversation about it.

2. Find common ground

Suppose you are a film buff. Then, you can recommend a movie to your friend that is somewhat related to that book or maybe of the same genre.

This is a fun way to connect to people and an excellent topic. 

3. Embrace their passion

You may also have some hobbies, right?

Suppose you are a film buff. Then, you can recommend a movie to your friend that is somewhat related to that book or maybe of the same genre.

This is a fun way to connect to people and an excellent topic. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell

Remember, their love of reading is a gift, not a barrier.

Embrace their passion for the written word, and you might just discover a new world of stories and experiences together. Each and every person can teach you something so try to connect to different types of people and learn new things.

Happy reading (and connecting)!

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