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Two Tales of Ego: One is Good and other one is Bad.

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December 28, 2021. 4 minute Read


There is a good ego, and there is a bad Ego. So read on to find more about two tales of Ego.

Did you ever know that there are two tales of Ego? Yes, there are. But the catch is one is good and other one is bad.

While the Good ego is all about mind and unconscious drives, the Bad ego is all about self-entitlement.

Tale 1: The Good Ego

The Good ego is purely about our drives, morals etc and it has nothing to do with self-entitlement. And this is the concept given by Sigmund Freud.  So according to Sigmund Freud, there are three types of ego personality which are Id, ego and super ego.

Every person tends to have it. So, what are those three types of Egos? LD, Superego and Ego.

1. ID

Id  is an instinctive personality (childlike) which seeks instant gratification, pleasure etc.

For example: sometimes when you feel you need to eat chocolate right away, the strong craving is your ld.

2. Superego

Superego is ego that works on morality principal. It tells you what is right & wrong, rules etc. It also controls the impulses of Id.

For example: your superego might tell you that eating chocolate is unhealthy.

3. Ego

Ego is reality oriented. It tries to balance between Id and ego. It will help you to decide.

For example: your ego might tell “eat a sugar free chocolate.”

So the Good Thing About Good Ego

The good Ego is good as its reality oriented and tries to balance between Id and super ego. The person can try to build a strong ego conscience which can help in better decision making.

Tale 2: The Bad Ego


When the ego dies, the soul awakens.”

Mahatma Gandhi

So, when was the last time that out of ego, you did something wrong?My last egoistic move was when I didn’t congratulate someone for her success. So, what has been yours?

In Bhagwat Gita, Arjuna says,

“kathaṃ bhīṣmam ahaṃ sāṅkhye droṇaṃ ca madhusūdana,”

which means” How I am going to attack Bhishma and Drona in the battlefield, O Madhusudhana,”.

Here, Arjuna refers to himself and says how will he attack Bhishma and Drona, this is ego. Because in Gita it is clearly said that everyone is Krishna.

However, to this Krishna replied,

“nirmamo nirahaṃkāraḥ sa śāntim adhigacchhati,”

which means, anybody who does things without any sense of ownership and egoism attains peace.

Clearly, even according to Bhagwat Gita, Self-entitlement never gives you peace.

In fact, ego has always been the reason for misunderstanding between individuals. In fact, try giving up your ego and selfish desires and experience the difference in how the world will be treating you now and also in future. In fact, one feels liberated, when he/she gives up sense of entitlement or ego. On earth, we all are here to have good life. And to live a good life, once must flush ego and treat people equally no matter what background they have.

Even, President of India took blessing from Padmashree Recieptent “Nanda Sir” from Odisha. Being a first Citizen of India, he could have easily thrown attitude around, but Nanda sir’s heartfelt gesture is what moved President of India.Normally, President of India stands on the Podium and presents Padma Shree to the awardees. But in case of Para Athlete KY Venkastesh the President stepped downs from the podium and gave the medal and certificate to him who is differently-abled since birth.So, what we learned from this, when President of India can make such kind, genuine gestures to people around, then who are we on this earth?

Ego is inversely proportional to Knowledge.

Mahatma Gandhi

Even once, young curious Sita in Ramayana asked to her Guru Mata, “Why do we study so much?” to which Guru Mata replied, to which Guru Mata replied, 

“When you acquire more knowledge, you lose ego”

Final Thoughts

The Good Ego is good as its reality orientated and tries to balance between, Id and super ego.  In fact, a person can try to build a strong ego conscience, which can help in better decision making.

But the Bad Ego, which is all about self-entitlement has never given peace to a person neither will give you peace in future. So do what is good, not bad.

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