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Thriving Technology and Spectacular Cities are what Make Finland, The Happiest Country in the World. Read on to Know More About the Same

The One Liner

May 13, 2022. 3 minute Read

Finland is a Nordic nation officially known as the Republic of Finland. Finland is surrounded by the Baltic Sea, Sweden, Norway, and Russia. A country from where aurora borealis is visible. The size of the country is almost close to Rajasthan in India. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, Oulu, Turku, and Tampere are some of the biggest cities in Finland. 

Finland has been the happiest country consecutively for four years now. It has always been known for its strong foundation in education, technology, and innovation. Its sustainable practices are of world-class standards. It has those many clean green spectacular cities to walk around.

Finland: The Happiest Nation in the World

Happiness doesn’t knock at your door on its own. An individual must possess a positive outlook and must have a zeal to travel outdoors often, and this is what the People of Finland possess. Nothing stops the people of Finland from going outdoors, be it six months long snow, darkness or rain. They love jogging, cycling, hiking, camping, and whatnot.

Finland is a beautiful country with many pristine forests and crystal-clear lakes. Finland also supports the wildlife of their nation.

Isn’t it an excellent experience for everybody going outdoors?

The Ikigai of living a long and healthy life has always been a great community, a good conversation, and earlier elements. And if we lack any one of them, it becomes tough to co-exist and live in a community for so long.

Aurora Borealis in Finland

Apart from all these things, quality education, low crime levels, and equality have made Finland the happiest nation in the world for four consecutive years now.

Education in Finland

Finland ranks as the eighth most educated country globally, where the minimum age is elementary education is seven years. Since their formal education starts so late, the kids in Finland aren’t the ones who cry on the first day at their school.

Well, in Finland, teachers are treated someone as good as doctors and lawyers. Almost every teacher in Finland holds Masters’s Degree subsidized by the Finnish Government. Only the top 10 percentile holders can become a teacher in Finland.

Even the schools in Finland are fully government-funded and even serve free meals to all. The first mandatory test given by students of Finland is at the age of sixteen.

Innovation and Technology from Finland to the World

If you ever played Angry Birds and Max Payne on your mobile phone, they are from Finland. If you have taken an elevator engineered and manufactured by Kone, it is from Finland. Even your first phone, Nokia, one of the biggest exports to the world, was from Finland. One of the latest developments from Finland is the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland announced the country’s first operational and running five qubit quantum computers that innovators can use to build accurate models of viruses and drugs or even design any material that is difficult to design today. With IQM, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland plans to scale, manufacture, and make it easier for many companies to start their quantum computing journey in the ecosystem.

Finnish companies are the ones who also invest a lot in quality. In Finland, Technology Industries account for 75% of investment in Research and Development by the Private Sector. One of the companies like Metso Oyj has been a global supplier of technology and services in process industries, including mining, recycling, construction, pulp and paper, power, and oil and gas. Overall, the technology industry in Finland accounts for 50% of all Finnish exports and are contributing factor that helps to maintain the welfare state. 27% of Finnish earn their living directly or indirectly from the technology industry.

So, what makes all these things possible?

Innovative designs, long surviving great industries, a skilled workforce, cutting-edge technology, and digital expertise make Finland an epicenter of most development in the field of innovation and technology.

Cloudy Evening in Finland

Sustainability is quite a thing in Finland

Climate Change is a massive challenge for each one of us. And to fight against it, we have to update and develop excellent sustainable practices. And Finland is a front runner in the same. 

So much so that the Finnish Government is committed to creating a carbon-neutral Finland by 2035. 

Finnish industries are of global environment value and are world leaders in design, production, and use of low emission technology. Technology industries in Finland mainly focus on circular economy and energy efficiency. Companies like Ahlstrom-Munksjo are trying to phase out single-use plastic straws with drinking paper straws called cellustraw. And Huhtamaki’s ambition is to be the first choice for sustainable packaging solutions that ensure hygiene and safety for all food products. 

Final Thoughts

Developed countries are the ones who invest a lot in their people, and that investment gets pushed into the system made out of gains from advancements in the field of innovation and technology. As they say,


Technology by itself doesn’t make leaders. Technology only amplifies true leadership.

Steve Jobs

Finland does have its problems. And one of them is a shortage of skilled workforce, and maybe this is why recently they have started the ‘Find your Finnish Future’ campaign, where they are trying to attract talented tech candidates in India to apply for 60 new positions in top companies in Finland.

It is an excellent opportunity for those who want to be there because of its innovation and advanced technology. But the hard truth for India is that this is how we lose our tech talent to other developed nations of the world. Having huge ambition for individuals is not bad, but at times we can too put some effort from our side to make India a happy country like Finland.

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