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This Time learn benefits of “Go Offline” Instead of TikTok Challenges

Priyadarshini Sahoo

February 1, 2023. 4 minute Read

All of my childhood had gone playing hopscotch with my friends. The glorious childhood days. I remember them so fondly. I remember fighting for our turn on the swing and the seesaw. 

Now when I see kids, I feel like their childhood is gone. They need to learn how to play outside. Most of their time, they would spend on Instagram itself. No, I’m talking about 12-year-olds. My friend’s 12-year-old cousin had an Instagram account. 

I know!! Social Media is fantastic. You get to connect with your far-away friends. You know what is up in their life through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. But obviously, there are no free lunches in this world. You have to pay something for everything you want. Social Media is no less. It has its perks, but it also has downsides. The negativity on social media has never been more. It is increasing day by day.

Social Media has become a place where we pretend to be something we are not for acceptance and fame. But is that what you want to do? At least your mental health will disagree.

This Time learn benefits of “Go Offline” Instead of TikTok Challenges

Spending more than three hours per day on social media puts adolescents at a higher risk for mental health problems, including depression and anxiety. 13% of kids aged 12-17 report feeling depressed, and 32% report experiencing anxiety disorders. Moreover, 25% of 18 to 25-year-olds have an illness related to their mental states, such as stress or bipolar disorder, due to excessive use of social media. These statistics underscore the importance of limiting access to social media for children under eighteen.

So, Let us talk about going offline for a while. We all need a temporary break from social media. 

1. You Get To Focus On The Important

While social media gives you valuable information, it is mostly crap information everywhere. Don’t be your Nanaji who believes all Whatsapp forwards are appropriate information. 

60% of your social media has information that is absolute of no use. Only 40% have actual accurate information from researched materials like we, The One Liner, do on our Social Media handles on various platforms. 

So, take a moment to break from your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, ChatGPT, TikTok, and all such.

This Time learn benefits of “Go Offline” Instead of TikTok Challenges

2. Sleeping Patterns Get Better

Dr. Primack, director of Pitt’s Center for Research on Media, Technology, and Health, in research about how Social Media effects sleeping in young adults, said, “Difficulty sleeping may lead to increased use of social media, which may lead to more problems sleeping. This cycle may be particularly problematic with social media because many forms involve interactive screen time that is stimulating and rewarding and, therefore, potentially detrimental to sleep.” 

We all know from our own experience that those 10 minutes of scrolling on Instagram at 11 results in us realizing that it is already 4 am ending up disturbing our sleep cycle

The Mantra For Good Sleep: Put away your phone 2 hours before you sleep. 

What you scroll before you sleep gets imprinted in your mind and makes a thought pattern while you sleep. This pattern creates a mindset that carries on to the next day. So, it is advisable to use it after one hour of sleep. 

When you put aside your social media, you can sleep better. Fewer disturbances in sleep will lead to a better quality of sleep. If you continue this for an extended period, it will result in better sleeping patterns and feeling more energetic in the morning.

3. Reconnecting With Friends

My best times with friends are those I have spent in a shopping mall, a park, a cafe, or just hanging out at a specific spot after school. Social Media is great at catching up with them when they are far away, but it cannot match how great it feels when we connect with each other. 

There is no better kind of connectivity than when done face-to-face. Your phone is more like Sheldon Cooper; it cannot decipher Sarcasm or Practical Jokes. But when you see your friend’s faces, you know that they are being sarcastic or funny. You know what the expression is on the face and then realize what is the meaning behind it. 

4. Inspirations Are Better

The Internet might inspire various copyrighted art, but real inspirations come from people’s nature and offline habits. Van Gogh could have never created his masterpiece art of the Starry Sky if he was always online on the Internet. Even JK Rowling received inspiration to write Harry Potter when she was waiting at a train station for a train that was late. We focus so much on the likes and comments that we block our creative streak. Stress is a blockage to creativity, and the Internet is excellent at increasing stress in our daily lives. 

So get off the Internet to find beautiful inspirations.

5. You will Live in The Present

It feels weird to leave your home for the first time and go elsewhere without your smartphone. You feel like something important is missing from your life. But after a few days, you get accustomed to a new routine and life.

By not having a smartphone, one can fully experience conversations with friends and new people which is becoming increasingly rare in the modern world as we rely more on technology. By trying out different experiences like this, we can help ourselves to grow and develop in ways that are often difficult to do when constantly surrounded by screens.Remember to use technology as a tool that can help you improve your life. Don’t let it take over your life completely, and be mindful of how it affects your daily routine.

Final Thoughts

It might be challenging because the Internet is an addiction. Anything we want to search for, we instantly switch to our phone. And google stuff. But you will find excellent perspective when you log on to an actual book for your answers. So, try out this ‘go offline’ challenge. Stay off your social media and Internet for a few days.

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