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Do you know the things to consider when buying electronics? Discover the secrets you need to know before you buy!

How to be a smart buyer of electronic products


In this article, you will understand how to be a smart buyer of an electronic Products. 

We know how it feels to exhaust your hard-earned money entirely on stuff you regret buying later. Social Media, Shopping apps, malls, and various other big and small stores have multiple brands to offer; however, at times, we need to understand if they are worth buying.

So, in this article, we have everything that you know about before considering buying any electronic products. 

Let's dive right in..

Today, we find many different electronic products in the market to fulfill our daily requirements. After all, they make our life easier. 

Some of them are also quite promising when it comes to warranty and the value and services, they provide to their customers. 

But when you have too many options, the probability of getting scammed about product quality increases. 

So we covered everything you need to know before purchasing anything anywhere. Shop smarter next time.  And make an intelligent purchase that’s worth your hard earned money and time. 

So here is what you need to consider before buying any electronic product.

What to look for when buying electronics?

The next time you’re buying an electronic product, you will surely make a worthy purchase.

Let's get started

1. Always Check Product Review First

Because of the internet, it has been much easier to review what is actually helpful and vice-versa. 

Customer reviews always help to understand better the product one plans to buy. 

You can always find those product reviews on e-commerce websites or search and learn more about the product online. 

Another way to get a product review is on YouTube. Many video content creators give genuine reviews about different products you can rely on before buying any new electronic product.

It would help if you considered reviews from the store manager; their recommendation can significantly help you.

For example, if you want to buy a 500 W Grinder, the chances of its breakdown are relatively high if you run it for more than 15 minutes, but if you buy a 750 Watt Grinder, you can run them for 20-25 minutes.

Now, these things you won’t find online. But the store manager can help you with it. Take their recommendations, as well.   

By the way, you can also count reviews from your neighbours.

Key Takeaway

Check reviews to learn about other people’s experiences. Be it from Amazon, Flipkart, or on Google itself.

2. Always Compare before you buy a product

Many of you may not have heard about the ‘Comparison Shopping’ term but don’t worry; we’re here to help you.

Let's dive deep into it,

Comparison shopping is basically when a consumer compares the prices of a product between different sellers. 

This is not an old thing in India, we have seen our parents visiting different shops for the same product, and they buy from the one which sells it at the lowest price. The same thing can also be done in this era of online shopping. You can compare the cost of any electronic product on different sites before placing the order and regret buying at a higher price. 

But in this age of e-commerce shopping, comparison shopping is more relevant than ever. That’s because of the different prices at which a seller lists the products on the site.

There are also different comparison shopping websites in today’s date that one can use to filter and compare products.

Key Takeaway

Compare prices to get the best deal. Compare on various websites and check the same product on different shopping websites.

3. Learn More about Product Before Buying

Among the different things to consider while buying electronic products is checking the product description of a product. 

If you’re familiar with online shopping, then we don’t need to explain what the product description is. 

But if you’re not so familiar with online shopping, then the product description is available just below the picture and price of the product in an e-commerce platform. The product description is written to help the customer with details about the listed object. 

As a product description is written in a very polished way, you will not understand any drawbacks of the product but will get an overall understanding of the product.

Key Takeaway

Read product descriptions to know exactly what you’re getting. Check if the product is actually worth or not.

4. Do Proper Analysis of Product Pricing

Some companies sell a product for a very high price, but in some cases, companies sell a product for a low cost, and you buy it after looking at the discounted price.

While you make a purchase, consider a few things:

Often, we need to pay more attention to the manufacturing Date. We need to understand that the manufacturing date is directly proportional to the shelf life of an electronic gadget. 

Similarly, when it comes to the expiry date, we often see malls, to clear their inventories put up a higher discount when it is almost close to its expiry date. 

So, we must consider the expiry and manufacturing date before buying any product. 

Checking product descriptions and features and comparing them with other products with identical features will help you get the best deal. 

But looking for the cheapest may cost you much more because they may supply a low-quality product. 

So make sure you analyse the product price and that it’s reasonable.

Key Takeaway

Analyse pricing to avoid overpaying. Conduct a detailed analysis of product pricing to avoid overspending.

5. Check deals Before Making Online v/s Offline Purchase

Check your nearby offline stores before placing the order online and vice versa. That’s one of the best suggestions we can give you to turn you into an intelligent buyer. 

The modern generation is highly obsessed with online shopping, but sometimes it’s better to go and check your nearby electronics store. Your nearby shop owner may help you to get the best deal, and they will also make sure that you purchase a good product and that care is not available online.

Key Takeaway

Check online vs offline prices to find the better option. Check the prices at your nearby shop and compare it with the online price.

6. Always look for Offers and Discounts

I don’t think I need to tell an Indian audience base to check about offers and discounts. That’s a talent we all have. 

But the kind of deals you get when you shop for electronic gadgets at Reliance stores, Chroma centres, etc., is usually very rewarding. 

For example, if you buy a refrigerator from this often, they have a great offering like Rs. 5000 off on purchase of X amount. 

These little things help a lot, especially when you know you are buying a fresh Product. 

If you still aren’t obsessed with buying things on offer, you must develop one. Try to purchase electronic products while there is some offer and discount or sale running to help you save money and get your desired product.

Key Takeaway

Look for offers across all the platforms to find the best offering.

7. Cross-check for Warranties and other Product Specification

It is essential to check the warranty period of an electronic product before you buy it. But why so? 

Because even if you buy a product that’s not so good, you will also be able to repair it using warranty facilities. 

Another thing to remember is that you must pay attention to the terms and conditions. Different brands have different terms and conditions on warranty periods, so check before buying any product. 

For example, if you buy a Morphy Richards Grinder, it has a warranty period of 5 years, and Phillips usually has a warranty period of 2 years. That is the difference.

Key Takeaway

Look for warranties to protect your investment. Warranties helps to protect your investment in case of damage or defects. Check specifications to ensure if it meets your needs.

8. Look for Product Servicing

In India, we usually still need to have that consumer behavior of disposing of an electronic product if there is a breakdown. 

So, every brand must provide proper servicing to their customers.   

Only some brands have their service centers. Even if there is a breakdown, the chances of getting spare parts become minimal. So, always look to see if a brand’s service is available or not. 

Every electronic we use has hefty usage, and you can break-down, so ensure product servicing is available for the product in your city you buy the product.

Key Takeaway

Not every brand has a servicing centre in your city. Do cross-check if you are buying a product from that company.

9. Know the Brand

While you’re buying an electronic product, make sure that the brand is trustworthy. 

These days we have many brands to choose from, but proper research is necessary when buying from a not-so-popular brand that has yet to make a mark. 

So choose your brands wisely.

Key Takeaway

Consider brand reputation for quality assurance. Go for good quality products over cheaper ones.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell:

The One Liner doesn’t want its readers to be scammed, so we’ve just tried to help you out with some smart shopping techniques. You can surely apply these ideas to get the best deals while buying electronic products.

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