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Things That Make Me So Happy Today And Always!

If I ask myself about things that make me happy, I never thought about this. Really! Until then, I am writing about this thought. Now I am thinking about the reasons for my happiness. The things I am seriously grateful for, for the first time in my life. 

So, do you want to know about them? Maybe some of them make you happy also, but you never give a thought to them. Just like me!?

So, here is the list of ten things that make me happy.


In this article, we will discuss things that makes me so happy today and always!

What Can Make Me Happy?

1. Spending Time with Loved Ones

Whatever the workload you have in your office, college, or anywhere, if the person you love calls you or you call them and it is just “hello” from their side and you, like, get butterflies, the workload just fades away. You are now flying in the sky. 

Hey, are you imagining? That makes you happy, right!? 

It goes the same for me whenever I am in a situation where I cannot find the right way. I call my loved ones or crack some jokes with my mummy. And I am a politician with dad. 

Yes, that call, the lamest of the lamest jokes and opinions, does not solve my problems, but it makes me feel better. Boosting my mood makes my brain ready for any problem afterwards.

2. Random Acts of Kindness and Happiness

Random acts of kindness make me instantly happy without expectations. If you are not feeling better, get outside and find someone who needs help. I assure you you will come home smiling for helping someone without expecting anything besides a ‘thank you’. 

Whether helping random people by carrying their baggage or helping people experiencing poverty in some way, it always brings joy. 

Even when you see others doing random acts of kindness, you can feel a sense of relief.

3. A Joy that from Practicing Yoga and Doing Exercise

There is a fact that people always say, your mind feels joy when your body is healthier. In other words, when you do exercise your brain releases happy messengers like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and so on. These chemicals work as the reward system for the body. 

After a session of exercise,

4. Bringing Back Old Hobbies

If something matters from the past, it would say it is bringing back your old hobbies. It is doing the things that we loved the most in our childhood. 

I still remember, I used to draw portraits, and tattoos on paper in my free time. You can also take a hobby back that you love the most. It can be dancing, singing, drawing, or anything. 

Doing something that connects us to a part of us makes us feel alive. It makes us happy naturally from the inside.

5. Taking Care of Own Health

In the era of social media, it is now becoming necessary that we must take care of our health. Whether it is physical health or constantly degrading mental health. Both are a part of a healthy and happy life. 

I used to ignore my physical health a lot, but now I am taking good care of my health. I exercised 3 times a week, stopped eating junk food, and ate healthy homemade food. Now, I can see a drastic change in my mental and physical health.

6. Laughing Clubs are the Best

I remember going to the park with my best friend. There were many groups of people just sitting and laughing. We were just passing through, and I remember, we started laughing because of those odd voices.

Laughing is the best therapy for our sad moments. It makes us happy even just being alive.

7. Meeting Old Friends is Happiness

It is becoming hard every day to keep in touch with those buddies. There are only a few friends left whom I met. But it refreshes me every single time. It never feels like I am seeing them after years. It’s like when we last met, it was yesterday. Right!? 

It brings back old memories of how much fun we had together. Got punishments together for not doing homework, for shouting or for non-stop talking in class. 

These memories and stories are the best moments of our lives. The happiest times we spent with our friends. 

Apart from all these there are many things that make me happy such as going on trips, achieving my small goals and reading books. They are the reason that makes me alive, that makes me happy.

Final Thoughts

I just want to say that in finding what truly makes me happy in my life, I have discovered that in the simplest of things – a phone call with a loved one, a random act of kindness, reconnecting with old friends and hobbies. These moments of my life make me happy and grateful every day. And I hope you also found some of your hobbies and friends in the box of memories. 

So, what are you waiting for? Open that Pandora’s box of happiness and sign a handsome deal with mind, body, work, community and money, because no matter how small or big things are, if they make you happy then they do matter.

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