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Everything You Need to Know About Effective Parenting Skills.

Shreedevi Kulkarni & Priyadarshini Sahoo

April 1, 2022. 4 minute Read

A parent needs absolutely no lecture on how to raise their children. But in life, we go through so many things that we tend to forget the basics attached to parenting.

As a parent, we have to play a more prominent role in children’s life. Even Barack Obama once said,


Children need our unconditional love — whether they succeed or make mistakes; when life is easy and when life is tough.”

Barack Obama

So, in a nutshell, we have to admire good Parenting style is essential.

Wha is Parenting ?

Parenting is a process of raising children by encouraging their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development to ensure their healthy development into adulthood.

Parenting can affect everything in a child, from how the child thinks about themself to how they perceive the world. 

A Parenting style is a psychological construct where parents use strategies in their child-rearing. Parenting styles represent how parents respond to and make demands on their children.

According to the research, there are four types of parenting styles. 

1. Authoritarian Parenting

(Demanding and not responsive) Authoritarian parents believe that kids should follow the rules without expectation.  They often set strict rules and expect blind obedience from their child. Here the parents often use punishment to follow their directions. Parents may involve in spanking and yelling.  This style aims to teach the child to behave, survive, and thrive as an adult in a harsh society. Authoritarian Parenting has distinctive effects on children: 

2. Authoritative Parenting

(Demanding and responsive)

Authoritative Parenting is focused on a child-centered approach that holds high expectations of maturity

Authoritative parents can understand how their children feel and teach them how to regulate their feelings. They are often warm and responsive. 

They have clear rules, monitor the limits they set, and will be very supportive. They put effort into building a positive relationship with the kids. They encourage the child to be independent and give space for the child to be expressive.

They explain their reason for punishment which, in some cases, may lead to more understanding and complying behavior from the child. In this kind of Parenting, a child knows why they are being punished because an authoritative parent makes the reasons known. 

Children of authoritative parents are more likely 

3. Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents often have few behavioral expectations; they come across as lenient, warm, and responsive parents.  They set very few or no rules. They are nurturing and accepting, responsive to the child’s needs and wishes, and do not require children to regulate themselves or behave appropriately. 

Permissive parents try to be “friends” with their children and do not play a parental role. These parents permit children to make their own decisions, giving them advice as a friend.  Children of permissive parents may show

4. Uninvolved Parenting

(Not demanding and not responsive)

Neglectful parents are often cold and unresponsive. Here, parents usually stay detached from the children’s needs.

They don’t set any rules and are uninvolved. 

Children of neglectful parents are often 


Final Thoughts

Even though authoritative Parenting has been a positive and desirable parenting style, the focus should be on a different parenting practice for different kids rather than following a single parenting style.

Based on the context, the parents can decide when to be warm, when to set rules and when to be demanding or less demanding.

Shreedevi Kulkarni

Shreedevi Kulkarni is a counseling psychologist with expertise in adolescent counseling, child counseling, and skills training. She has experience as a Psychology lecturer and believes in empowering her students through experiential learning.

Priyadarshini Sahoo

She is a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering and always believed that a creative idea backed with technology could make a difference. Her inquisitive nature helps her curate impactful ideas and would help make a difference to the business community and society at large.

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