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Read on Know More Why it is always "Ladies First," and Why India needs to Update its Old Social Norms.

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March 8 2022. 3 minute Read

Dear men, you need to understand something, and this is important. Yes, some women carry the same values as you, education is the same, universities we attended are similar, and jobs we do are the same. But why are we being treated differently in the ecosystem?

Let’s answer the first question;

Why Ladies First?

1. For Better Representation and More Development

Women’s representation and women-led development in many sectors are still minimal. So much that reservation for women or some incentives is a new normal in Indian society.

2. To Promote Equality

Critics have asked for more allocation on Gender-based budgeting, which India has been actively doing since 2005 to alleviate gender inequality. According to the All India Democratic Women’s Association, the overall gender budget has decreased from 0.71 percent of GDP of the Revised Estimates (RE) for 2021-22 to 0.66 percent of the BE of 2022-23.

3. Menstrual Cramps Are No Joke

Women bear Menstrual Cramps for two to three days in 28 days cycle, which is no joke. And women having PCOS, PCOD, and other hormonal imbalances go through worse by menstruating for 5-10 days or, in some cases, even for 15 days. The pain is so terrible that it feels like something is being crushed or rocked in the lower abdomen.

4. Freedom To Choose is limited, and Leisure Hours are usually Less

Freedom to choose is limited, and leisure hours are usually less because you are a woman. Women don’t have the flexibility to move around like men. Because, in some places, either women’s dignity gets challenged, or women’s safety is a concern in some locations. But despite knowing all these things, many women are still asked, “why ladies first?”

5. India has changed a lot, and now the Problems are Different

Millennials’ current aspirations, goals, and needs are no different from the previous generation. But the representation was low then, but aspirations remained the same.

6. Challenging to Maintain Work-Life Balance

Giving birth to a child is easy, but taking care of the child till he attends school has become difficult. It is challenging to maintain a work-life balance and start a family altogether.

When the Pandemic started, the situation got even worse when many women had to leave jobs and run the family 24*7.

7. Maternity leave is Normal Paternity Leave is not

These days, maternity leave is normal, but paternity leave can raise many brows and create a lot of noise in the ecosystem.

For example, When Virat Kohli took paternity leave, he was severely criticized for not being part of the team in a series against Australia. Many chauvinists did hard-hitting talks against him.

Haryana, as a state, has grown a lot.

Be it ex-Miss World Manushi Chiller or the Phogat sisters or the whole wrestling community, well, its perceptions towards girls have changed altogether.  And the results can be seen practically on the ground itself. Around 2015, there was a time in Gurgaon when hardly you could see people on the street after seven in the evening. But Gurgaon is now a bustling cosmopolitan city of India. Roads are busy, and people are moving even after 7 PM. There was even a time when Female Feticides was a significant concern in Haryana. So much so that 2011 census data says that the sex ratio was 830, which was the worst sex ratio in the country. And then, in 2017, the census data of Haryana says that the sex ratio was 914, which has improved over the years. And the results came after a considerable amount of time and effort by the CMO of Haryana.

Final Thoughts

As long as there is no equality, no mutual respect, no country has developed, and no household has lit up. Nothing will change as long as gender inequality persists.

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