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Quiz to test individual knowledge on social media wellness

Scroll smart: A quiz on social media wellness

Check your knowledge on social media wellness

Let’s check if you are a social media literate! Answer these fun questions and analyse your social media wellness. 

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1. How often do you compare yourself to other social media posts and feel inadequate?

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2. Is checking social media the first thing you do in the morning or right before going to bed?

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3. Do you agree that you spend too much time on social media while neglecting other things?

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4. How often do you post on social media platforms?

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5. Are you mindful of the information you share publicly on social media?

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6. How often do you take breaks from social media ?

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7. How much time do you spend on social media platforms in a day ?

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Considering the temperature outdoors in summer, day by day, it is becoming impossible to live without air conditioners. However, we can always try ways to keep ourselves naturally more relaxed in the hot summer, as suggested above. 

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