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Quiz to test how well an individual is with community and friends.

P for People and C for Community: Quiz to test check your bonds

Analyse your community and friendship connections

Let’s check if you know how to maintain community and friendship bonds! Take this fun quiz and analyse your bonds maintaining skills in an interesting way.

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1. How often do you participate in activities or events with friends or your community groups?

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2. Do you agree that it’s easy for you to reach out to friends or neighbours for help or support when needed?

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3. Do you feel comfortable offering help or assistance to your friends or neighbours when they need it?

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4. How often do you make plans to hang out with friends or get involved in your community?

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5. Do you agree that you actively listen to your friends and show genuine interest in their lives?

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6. How often do you celebrate the successes and accomplishments of your friends and community?

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7. Do you feel responsible for the welfare of your community?

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The average score is 100%

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell

Considering the temperature outdoors in summer, day by day, it is becoming impossible to live without air conditioners. However, we can always try ways to keep ourselves naturally more relaxed in the hot summer, as suggested above. 

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