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Level Up Your Year: A Guide to Crushing With the Plan of the Last 2 Months

Hey there, fellow Readers!

Can you believe it? 

We’re entering the year’s final stretch, and you know what that means – it’s time to make these last two months count! 

While it’s tempting to think about holiday breaks and Reel challenges, we’re here to tell you that you can still have fun and rock your goals at the same time.

As the year draws to a close and the holiday season approaches, it’s not uncommon for our focus to shift towards festivities and relaxation. Yet, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the final two months of the year are a goldmine of opportunity waiting to be seized. 

With the right strategy and a determined mindset, you can turn these last 60 days into a whirlwind of achievement, setting the stage for an incredible start to the new year.


In this article, we’re about to spill the tea on how to finish the year with a bang, just the way Gen Z does it – with hustle, innovation, and a sprinkle of self-care.

So buckle up! Grab your avocado toast and your AirPods because it’s time to level up your year!

Month 1- Game Plan and Hustle

1. Reflect on your 2023 vision board

Remember that vision board you made at the start of the year? 

It’s time to resurrect it and see how far you’ve progressed. 

Consider your objectives, and don’t be hesitant to revise them if necessary.  Take the time to evaluate your progress and remember that it’s normal to change your goals to fit your present situation. 

You should definitely know that change is the only constant.

2. Break it down, emoji-style

Now that you’ve determined your objectives, divide them into manageable chunks. Consider it like one of those dance challenges, where each move is critical.

Make a to-do list that stands out by using coloured emojis.

Create a list of chores that need to be performed in the next two months after you have a firm knowledge of your goals. Prioritize them based on priority and deadline, and doable tasks.

3. Manage Time with a Dash of Flexibility

Set up a killer schedule to tackle your tasks. Use apps like Notion, Click Up, Google Workspace, Click Up,  Trello to organize your goals and create a sense of accomplishment as you check things off.

But remember,

Life can be unpredictable, so always stay flexible and ready to accommodate as per the situation.Manage your time wisely. 

Create a daily or weekly schedule to allocate time for tasks, and use time management techniques to maintain focus and productivity.

4. De-Scroll Your Life

Let’s face it, social media can be a black hole of time. 

Consider a digital detox or using screen time limits to keep you focused and away from endless scrolling. Identify common distractions in your life and take steps to minimize or eliminate them. 

Identify common distractions such as

5. Wellness, Not Just Wellness Influencers

Gen Z knows the value of self-care. Make your well-being a priority by engaging in daily exercise, meditation, or simply relaxing.

A healthy mind and body will assist you in acing the game.

Maintaining attention and productivity requires regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, and adequate rest. Consider making time to practice mindfulness in order to handle stress.

Month 2: Hustle and Celebrate

1. Hustle Like a Social Media Star

Start working on your goals with the zeal of an influencer seeking viral content. Keep those hashtags close at hand, and keep in mind that consistency is the key to success. 

With your goals and tasks in place, it’s time to get started. Begin with the most important chores and work your way down your to-do list. Maintain your discipline and recall how far you’ve come.

2. Call in the Accountability Squad

Share your goals with those who will hold you accountable. To ensure you’re making progress, text, video chat, or meet up remotely. You are not alone in this situation! Regular check-ins might assist you in staying on target.

3. Be Adaptable, Like a Meme

Life’s full of unexpected twists – be adaptable! If a new opportunity comes your way, assess its impact on your goals, and don’t be afraid to make changes. 

The unexpected can happen, so it’s essential to remain flexible. If a new opportunity or challenge arises, assess its potential impact on your goals and adjust your plan accordingly.

4. Celebrate every Victory

Every step forward is worth celebrating, no matter how small. Reward yourself for those accomplishments, whether it’s with a Netflix binge, a trendy bubble tea, or a dance party in your room. 

Take moments to acknowledge your accomplishments. Celebrate your progress, and use these victories as motivation to keep pushing forward.

5. Plan for the New-year

As the year comes to an end, set the stage for a fantastic new year with fresh goals and ideas. Get ready to ‘Gram your way into 2024 with enthusiasm. 

As you approach the final days of the year, begin setting goals and intentions for the upcoming year. Use the knowledge and experience gained over the past 10 months to shape your vision for the future.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, fellow Readers!

These last two months of the year are your playground, and you’re the creator of your narrative. 

With a mix of hustle, innovation, and self-care, you’ll end the year on a high note and kickstart the next one with an incredible buzz. 

Let’s show the world what Gen Z  and Millenials are truly made of – ambition, creativity, and a little bit of that YOLO spirit.

Get out there and level up your year!

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