Serenity Beyond Screens: 13 Reasons Why I Loved a Life Without Social Media

Love a Life Without Social Media

For the last 5–6 years, I have taken a break from social media platforms, which feels incredible. Initially, it seemed unconventional in our digital age. 

But life is much easier now, without the constant buzz of notifications, where I rediscover quiet moments and a serene experience where I can intensely focus on the world around me.

In today’s digital world, filled with constant online activity, stepping away from these platforms may seem extreme.

As someone who has ventured into existence without virtual entertainment, the choice is a distinct advantage.


In this article, we’ll dive into the motivations behind why life is better without the impact of virtual entertainment on our everyday presence.

Why did I quit social media?

I quit social media for a more prosperous life. 

Breaking free from constant online noise, I found happiness in solitude, focused on my present, and could rapidly make genuine connections. 

And by overcoming FOMO, I reclaimed time and nurtured authentic relationships.


Love a Life Without Social Media
Love a Life Without Social Media

What life without social media is really like?

Life without social media is liberating. 

Freedom from constant updates. I discovered solitude and meaningful connections. 

FOMO faded and was replaced by genuine experiences: Time reclaimed, focus sharpened. A real-world existence unfolded – authentic, fulfilling, and prosperous in moments that matter.

Pros of Quitting Social Media

1. An actual test of self-discipline

As young adults, we often have a solid urge to scroll through social media.

We have strong self-discipline if we abstain from using social media for extended periods.

And we can break free from a habit and stay committed.

2. Forced focus

Quitting social media forced me to focus. 

Without constant distractions, my attention sharpened. It’s like taking off a pair of blurry glasses- where I could see things more clearly, and my productivity soared.

Even my perceptions are not biased anymore. 

3. Boost self-esteem

Quitting social media boosted my self-esteem, and I was not engrossed in building any social reputation. 

Without comparing myself to others online, I started appreciating my life. 

And I celebrated actual accomplishments, not virtual likes, which became a determinant factor of my worth.

4. Improve happiness

Happiness is not enclosed in square cards.             

Instead of comparing myself online, I focused on real-life joy. No more pressure to    

Impress others. 

It’s like stepping into the sunshine without filters.

5. Got More time

A break from social media gave me more time and incredible energy to rejuvenate from long work hours.

Without endless hours of scrolling, I got precious moments. 

It’s like getting an extra hour daily, which I use for hobbies, playing with my cats, and enjoying life.

6. More Sleep

No more yawning at work hours. Quitting social media brought me more sleep.

Without late-night scrolling, my bedtime became a haven of rest. 

It’s like turning off a buzzing background noise. And now, I can embrace peaceful nights and energised mornings.

7. Less Judgement

Quitting social media means less judgement.

Without constant comparisons, I can focus on my own journey, free from others’ opinions. It’s like stepping out of the limelight – I feel more natural.

8. Less Comparison of My Life To Other Peoples

When you are less seen and heard, you attract less attention from the crowd. 

And quitting social media means less comparison.

I stopped measuring my life against others. It’s like breaking free from a comparison trap – I now appreciate my journey, embracing individuality. 

I’m content with my unique path, creating a positive mindset.

9. More Energy to Focus on Things I Want to do and Create

Social media drains energy. 

When I don’t use social media, I have more energy to focus on what I want. As a result, I channel that energy into passion and creativity, turning aspirations into actions.

10. No Energy is Taken up from Posting

I don’t dress up for social media. I dress up on my own. 

Quitting social media means no more energy drained from constant posting.

It’s like getting personal power and redirecting that energy into real-life experiences and meaningful activities.

11. Start Building Better Connections.

Quitting social media means better connections. And more authentic relationships. 

Instead of virtual likes, I invest time in honest conversations. It’s like upgrading. 

From digital chat to a heartfelt conversation, fostering more profound and more 

Meaningful connections with the people who truly matter in life.

12. More Freedom

Now, I have the freedom to explore life and explore people.  

No more digital chains. It’s like stepping into an open field – Free to choose what I do and when I do it. Without constant notifications, I am in control.

13. Better Thought process

After quitting social media, I sleep better and have a better thought process. It is detached from online distractions and negative thoughts that are often discussed on social media.

As a result, I sleep better, dream better, and wake up with a lot more positivity.

Love a Life Without Social Media
Love a Life Without Social Media

But What I am losing here?

Cons of quitting social media

1. FOMO is challenging.

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is challenging.

Feeling left out is like seeing others having fun without you. Overcoming FOMO implies tracking down satisfaction in your encounters rather than letting the virtual world direct your bliss.

2. Feeling lonely

Quitting social media can make you feel lonely at first. 

It’s like stepping away from a big social gathering. But over time, you realise it opens space for real connections, finding a more profound, meaningful sense of belonging in the real world.

3. Lack of escape

Quitting social media means no easy escape.

It’s like closing a door you used to slip through when things got tough. Without the digital distraction, you face reality head-on, tackling challenges with a clear mind and a more authentic approach to life.

What to do when the urge to go on social media arises?

Social media has made us eager to “show and tell”, but there is beauty in privacy. Even your relationship stays beautiful if it is all away from social media.  

Everything isn’t meant to be on display. 

It’s lovely to keep things personal. 

When the urge to go on social media arises, redirect your focus. Pick a hobby, connect with a friend, or delve into a personal project. 

It’s about replacing the digital impulse with a real-world activity.

Final Thoughts

“Life without social media brought peace”.

There are no constant comparisons, just genuine connections. The time came for real moments, not fake scrolling. Less stress, more focus. Freedom from digital noise. It’s like stepping into a calm oasis and embracing a more prosperous, fulfilling existence.

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