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No Wonder Why Lata Mangeshkar Will Continue to Inspire Generation To come

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February 7, 2022. 4 minute Read

No Wonder Why Lata Mangeshkar Will Continue to Inspire Generation To come

It’s not over yet!

Late Lata Mangeshkar is the recipient of Bharat Ratna, one of the highest civilian awards of the Republic of India. She was famously known as “Nightingale of India.”

Yesterday, India truly lost a gem that took Indian classical music to new heights and made Indian music heard globally across the border. Lata Mangeshkar has fans from Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the list is long. 

According to Business Standard, Lata Mangeshkar’s voice drove the 1800 crore Indian music business, now dominated by streaming apps. In the past 12 months, many fans streamed Lata Mangeshkar’s songs 6.7 billion times on her YouTube Channel. In fact, in 2020-21, Saregama earned 284 Crores from Licensed songs of Lata Mangeshkar. 

Gulzar said, "She never carried any Ego."

It’s not hard to believe that any person as successful as Lata Mangeshkar and who had earned so much for herself never had any ego.

If Equality Had Any Face

For the kind of Singer she was, and someone who has started singing at the mere age of Thirteen, Lata Mangeshkar dominated the industry for a long time and was respected wholeheartedly across the masses. 

She has lent her voice to actresses like Kamini Kushal, Waheeda Rehman, Jaya Bachan, Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta, Kajol, and many others has recorded over 7000 songs in 30 languages.

Not From Auto tune Days

Nobody says this, but autotune has destroyed the singing that India used to produce. It is tough to sing songs that are autotuned. 

Back in those days, Lata Mangeshkar would record the song live, with a live orchestra in the background. She would effortlessly sing in three minutes, whereas other singers usually used to take three and half hours to record the whole song.

Final Thoughts

Lata Mangeshkar blended her singing style with classical singing with light music that is hard to replicate but is an institution for the generation to come. Be it “Piya Bawri,” “Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye naa,” “Tujhse naraz” well, the list is long, but Songs from “Ghar” are my favorite of all. I know people will hear them forever. 

It is a fact that the kind of singing Lata Mangeshkar has produced over the years is and will be hard to forget. Maybe this is why they said, “Legend never dies; they live forever.”

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