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Asian Games 2023: As India ranks 4th in Medal Tally. Learn its impact on the development of new sports.

Learn its impact on the development of new sports.


The Asian Games, a celebrated convergence of athletic talent and cultural exchange, has always been a stage for exceptional sporting performances. 

However, beyond the grandeur of the event and the medals, it has also emerged as a catalyst for innovation in sports, nurturing the growth of niche athletic disciplines.

In recent editions of the Asian Games, we have witnessed a significant shift towards recognising and including new and niche sports. 

These additions, combined with the remarkable stories of individual athletes like Gagan Narang’s daughter and the inspirational Nikhat Zareen, serve as a testament to the broader evolution of sports and the profound impact of the Asian Games on their ever-evolving landscape.

New Emerging Sport in India

India, a nation with a rich sporting heritage, has not remained a bystander in this era of change. Emerging sports have significantly impacted India’s medal tally at the Asian Games, highlighting the nation’s prowess in these evolving disciplines.

Track and field feats such as Ancy Sojan’s long jump, Neeraj Chopra’s javelin throw, Harmilan Bains’ 1,500-meter dash, and the men’s team’s spectacular relay effort have delighted spectators.

India’s athletic talent has lifted the country to a respectable fourth place in the standings. Hs Prannoy Assured medal after 41 years in Asian games history. 

India’s Dipika Pallikal and Harinder Pal Sandhu won the gold medal in the mixed doubles squash tournament at the Asian Games 2023. 

Avinash Sable, a TOP Scheme Athlete, blazes his way to GOLD in the men’s 3000m steeplechase at the Asian Games, clocking an astounding 8:19:50s.

Annu Rani and Parul Chaudhary won two gold medals in the women’s 5000m run and javelin throw.


Steeplechase and 5000 meter race are the new sports that have gained prominence in the world stage despite all constraints.

And there are constraints such as insufficient finance, training facilities, infrastructure, and technology resources, which may appear to be excuses given the Indian economy’s “sprints” and “long jumps,” these challenges remain a painful reality.

One notable example is the involvement of Gagan Narang’s daughter in shooting, a sport her father has excelled in. This intergenerational involvement in sports reflects the enduring legacy of athletics within families and communities.

Nikhat Zareen, the inspiring boxer who has made waves in the sport and participated in the Asian Games, embodies the spirit of determination and dedication. Her journey is a testament to the opportunities the Asian Games provide for athletes to shine on the global stage.

The Role of Sports Startups

As India continues to make strides in new athletic disciplines, sports startups play a crucial role in this transformation. 

These startups, with their innovative approaches to training, talent development, fan engagement, and infrastructure development, are instrumental in propelling India towards sporting greatness.

They are the unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes, leveraging traditional sporting values and cutting-edge technology to shape the future of Indian sports. 

The synergy between these startups and India’s sporting heritage promises even greater achievements on the international sports stage in the years to come.

Some of the startups such as Dream11, SportsKeeda, Fitbit and Rooter have played prominent roles in supporting various athletes in the recent times.

The Role of Sports Startups

The Role of Sports Startups

The Asian Games has been at the forefront of embracing new sporting disciplines, introducing them to a global audience. 

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the inclusion of sports like Soft Tennis, Squash, Cricket, and Esports – sports that have captured immense attention and enthusiasm.

These new additions not only diversify the Asian Games but also boost the overall appeal of the event, attracting a broader audience base. They allow athletes from diverse backgrounds to showcase their skills on an international stage.

Final Thoughts

The Asian Games stand as a beacon of inspiration, advocating inclusivity, diversity, and the dynamic evolution of sports. 

As the games continue to embrace innovation, emerging, niche, and new sports will thrive on this prestigious stage.

Beyond medals and records, the Asian Games symbolize hope and aspiration for athletes worldwide. 

They promote healthy competition and inspire a new generation of athletes to reach higher and strive further in their sporting endeavors. 

The Asian Games remain an emblem of unity, culture, and the boundless potential of sports across Asia and beyond.

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