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Make A Habit That Counts: Gift yourself.

Pavani Mantripragda
Decenber 25, 2022. 1 minute Read

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Science says that it takes 66 days to make something a habit. Habits are like autopilot modes. You smoothly get into it. 

We make so many habits all the time. 70% of our actions might be habitual things. So, create a new routine. 

Gift yourself something. It’s an essential part of Self-love. Self-love is the way to self-growth and well-being.

The first thing you should know is what an ideal gift is.

An ideal gift will encourage you when you’re down. Like the little dolphin soft toy, I had when I was young. It made me feel better when I was stressed or sad. Similarly, a gift you should give yourself is something that will change your bad mood into a good one. 

An ideal gift is invaluable to you regardless of its cost. It is precious even if it costs less. Tinkle Comics were cheap, but those are the best gifts I could get. 

An ideal gift will stay as a great memory in your mind. It will remind you of all the memories of the time you received it. The necklace I received from my Grandmother was one of my most memorable gifts. Every time I see it, it reminds me of the great memories of my Grandmother.

But Why Wait For Someone To Gift You?

The gifts we receive from others are great. They will make you happy. You might also have to say, “Ohhh…. You didn’t need to bring a gift. I wasn’t expecting at all,” even if it is Christmas. Let’s be honest. We all expect gifts on Christmas. That fake comment we give is all false. 

But take your time with someone to give it to you. Your happiness is in your own hands. 

It is essential to gift yourself not just because it will make you happy, but it will keep you motivated. 

Think of it. When you set up a goal for yourself, you will work hard to achieve it. We know how much time you would have wanted to give up because it is hard. We know the struggle behind pushing yourself. 

So, when you reach the goal, give yourself a gift before someone presents you with something. You deserve it. 

Gifting yourself will also start to teach you your self-worth. 

I remember I once wanted this pair of shoes very badly but didn’t have the money to buy them. Then I worked hard and saved for those shoes. Finally, when I bought them, their happiness was one thing. It taught me that I could achieve my goals. It is there within me to be able to achieve what I want.

Why is gifting yourself so essential?

Gifts You Can Give Yourself That Won’t Cost Anything All

While all the material gifts are great and will stay with you for a long time, sure gifts will greatly favor your mind and well-being. 

1. Gift yourself to realize your self-worth.

“Everyone has something great of value to offer”; this should be your motto. It would be best if you saw that you are worth more than you think.

2. Be kind to yourself.

Kindness is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. I always recall times when people were kind to me.

3. Keep yourself around people who make you happy.

Look at Dory from Finding Dory; she has gone through quite a lot but has always maintained a lively nature because she lives around people who make her happy.

4. Take a short break from your hectic schedule and relax a bit.

It’s unavoidable. Even when you are on holiday, things come up, but you must remember that the holiday is your priority.

5. Make a schedule for the required breaks in your plan.

Remember that much rest is needed as much as hard work at your office. But neither of them should be too much. It should not clash. So, make a schedule of days when you will be resting.

6. Hang out with your friends at a small tea stall while cracking those roasted peanuts in hand.

It is the best relaxation. Being with your friends is yet another exciting part of the journey. They’re just perfectly great and de-stressing you. Something as simple as peeling roasted peanuts from their shells at any humble place would be relaxing.

7. Toxic People are dangerous.

Remember. Nothing is more harmful to you than pessimistic people. They only cause harm to your mind. They demoralize you and make you feel bad about yourself. Cut them out of your lives. That is the best gift you should give yourself.

8. Celebrate every goal you accomplish.

You celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and so many other things. Similarly, celebrate your Growth. 

It is a significant motivational factor. Big or small doesn’t matter. Count your every accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if the Growth is small or big. Celebrate all. And even if you’ve given up a bad habit, celebrate it. It always helps a lot.

Being Kind To Yourself Is An Important Gift

Kindness is hard to find these days. We may act as if we are kind people before others, but we’re ruder to ourselves than most people. There is a concept of Gentleman, but there is also a concept called “Gentle-woman.” That nobody is talking about these days. Our soul is beautiful, and not realizing that beauty within us is pretty harsh. We try to look beautiful on the outside, but we fail to recognize that the beauty within us is more beautiful than the exterior. 

We often do not reward ourselves for achievement. It isn’t to say that you should become egotistical with the achievement but not celebrating it at all is just as bad. Be kind to your soul by listening to its inner voice. Experts say that the inner voice speaks to you within the silence of meditation. People who introspect themselves learn to become kind to themselves. Don’t say negative words towards yourself when you get setbacks. Setbacks are normal, but that shouldn’t stop you from being kind to yourself. Give yourself a good prep talk to work better on the goals.

Practice Gratitude. When you are kind to others and thankful to others, you will also learn that for yourself. Make yourself an advocate. This voice will speak for you and stand by you when times are tough, and that is your inner voice.

Final Thoughts

It is challenging to understand how you can gift yourself. At first, it will sound odd. Some will say that you are becoming self-centered. But avoid falling for that hole. 

Know that when you are your cheerleader.

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