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Learning Positivity Through Spirituality

Pavani Mantripragada

February 3, 2023. 4 minute Read


Spirituality has got nothing to do with the environment outside. It is the environment you create inside yourself “

Sadhguru says

A lot of mental positivity is based on how we are on the inside. The outside environment can have the harshest climate, but nothing can trouble you if the inside is clear and calm. 

You can only see the bottom of the vessel when it is stable and hardly moving anywhere. You cannot see the bottom of a vessel in boiling water. You cannot see the bottom of a river due to its speed. You will also find the answers to your question when you are not boiling in the struggles of everyday life. The nature of the world is such that it always provides stimulation that can make you bat-shit-crazy. You cannot relax when your mind is filled with thoughts.

Learning Positivity Through Spirituality
Learning Positivity Through Spirituality

But how is it even possible that we stay without thinking about anything at all?

It is similar to learning how to ride a bicycle. You start with the help of training wheels and remove one and then the other. 

The Gurus also do the same. They offer you a mantra or a picture for you to focus on. They offer you a mental stick to rely on at first. Slowly and steadily, they remove that stick and make you used to stay calm and focused. 

Spirituality is that stick that allows you to be more mindful and focus on your inner self rather than the outside aspects that are beyond your control. Studies suggest a positive association between spirituality and health behaviors and incredibly subjective well-being.

Spirituality is a multidimensional theoretical construct. Essentially, transcendence is understood as going beyond or above “the real I.” In this context, spirituality is defined as experiencing transcendence through inner peace, harmony, or connectedness to others.

Learning Positivity Through Spirituality

Why Spirituality Contributes to Positivity?

A large part of Hindu and Buddhist Spirituality is focused on positivity. Several saadhanas like Kamalatmika Saadhana are specifically done to access the highest form of happiness in the individual. 

Buddhism, as a whole, is a guidebook toward happiness. Buddha lays down an eightfold path to tell how to move from unhappiness to happiness. 

Yoga is highly effective in reducing negativity and increasing positivity among people. It brings them a sense of comfort and stability. Yoga is moving towards a balanced mind, body, and soul. A balanced mind, body, and soul is the most significant part of having a positive attitude. 

Spirituality increases positive feelings because it gives people hope and guides them toward their desired goals. When you feel stuck in the place, negativity grows on you, and you feel like you are not moving anywhere. It creates a feeling of claustrophobia within your mind that make you unhappy and depressed. Spirituality is a door to move out of that state and find your way toward your goal. 

The goal of a spiritual beginning is to remove the negativity from you and usher you into a space with a positive state of mind. A positive state of mind allows you to completely open up to your highest potential. 

Research showed that people with high spiritual intellect make better decisions and resolve conflicts than those with less spiritual intelligence. Their ability to deal with the situation is more elevated.

A lot of core aspects of becoming positive are embedded within Spirituality. 

Spirituality shows you that each of us has a reason to be born. It allows us to find that reason for existence. It brings positivity and happiness. That gives us all a sense of fulfillment.

Yoga And Positivity

Yoga’s association with positivity is why the whole world has gained such immense faith in its ability to work on your mind. The Sanskrit word Yoga means time. Yoga has emerged to balance your mind and body to enhance time. Sounds confusing, right? Let me explain.

Time is the duration of two different events happening. While your body goes through a different time, your mind goes through it faster. On the same day, your mind can experience good and bad times. A good time will reciprocate with positive feedback, and a bad time with negative feedback. 

Yoga was created to stop time within your mind with just the good time. That means Yoga was meant to prevent the second event from happening. You enter a space of positivity and do not move to the second event. You stay there in that space of positivity.

So, Yoga offers you the ability to stay in a positive mind space. 

Things To Do For Spiritual Growth

Final Thoughts

Spirituality will surely lead you to happiness and positivity. Spirituality is designed in such a way. When you find yourself in that space where you feel the existence of something that compels you and fuels you with the energy to find that happy space of mind, know that you are moving towards spirituality. 

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