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Know the Irreplaceable Roger Federer and his Contribution to the World of Tennis

Ananya Panchal
September 14, 2022. 4 minute Read

Know the Irreplaceable Roger Federer and his Contribution to the World of Tennis.

Recently, Roger Federer, a renowned professional Tennis player, announced his retirement from the world of Tennis. Hence, we will reminisce about his accomplishments today.

Roger Federer dominated Tennis in the early 21st century with his extraordinary all-rounder skills. He has not only won a record eight Wimbledon titles but also, in 2018, he became the first player to claim 20 Grand Slam men’s singles titles. He has a huge fan following worldwide and consistently receives tremendous applause as soon as he lands on the Tennis court.

Roger Federer is a Breath-holding Performer

When Roger Federer plays Tennis, the whole world gasps and watches him while holding their breath, waiting for an unexpected turn, and he never fails to amaze everyone.

35-year-old Federer’s stunning title run, which included 3 five set wins over Top 10 opponents, where he made a huge comeback after a six-month absence from the sport due to multiple injuries, gained immense love and admiration worldwide. You are not loved so easily by people. And we all know how tough it is.

Roger Federer is Awful Competitor

Federer keeps adapting to keep with the times, following several generations of players and still topping the list among other players.

Federer was a keen observer and always took inspiration from all past players. He crafted his style by following past players. Once Federer’s biggest weakness, the one-handed backhand has gladly turned into a fatal weapon due to a recent change.

Roger Federer Had Great Fitness Goals

Unbeatable Federer Never Retired between any match (in over 1300 matches over a 19-year career span). Surprisingly, Roger has never retired mid-match playing a total of 1300 matches throughout his 19 years career, making him an outstanding player with excellent fitness levels. Compared to his rivals, especially when the Swiss superstar won the Australian Open and defeated his great rival Rafael Nadal to win the tremendous 18th grand slam title after waiting eagerly for five years.

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Final Thoughts

It’ll be an understatement if we say Roger Federer isn’t one of the invincible players in the history of Tennis. He owns the sport leaving little to no space for his competitors. Nonetheless, we thank him for providing us with one of the best entertainment sources.

Watch his message to his Fans below

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