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Demonstrating leadership skills at work is a great way to show your value to your organization. Learn 11 Practices adapted by a Great Leader in 2023.

Why leadership is more about action and not position?

Can you imagine?

At some point in the career, during a job interview, one comes across a situation when one is asked to share an instance when one demonstrated leadership skills at the workplace.

When I faced this question for the first time, it shattered my misconception that leadership was a default accompaniment with a management position.  Gradually, as I ascended the career ladder, I realized that leadership differs from what it says on your business card or not where you are positioned in the organization chart. 

Still, it is the willingness of an individual to step up to change things for the better, at times at the risk of his sacrifice. Further, an individual’s professional success and growth depend on their ability to demonstrate leadership skills in everyday work. 

Therefore, it is the actions and not the position of an individual that defines a corporate leader.

Let's dive right in..

How to demonstrate leadership at the workplace?

And this is what you need to do

Demonstrating leadership skills at the workplace is by no means an easy task and is best understood by how one practices leadership at the workplace. Work leadership practice is simply using workplace skills that help develop leadership qualities.

11 Practices of a Great Leader

1. Be a good Leader

And this is what you need to do:

2. Be a part of Effective Decision Making Process

When you are part of decison making process, leaders must consider few things. Some are listed below:

3. Communicate like a True Leader

4. Managing performance well

5. Be a Torch Bearer of Change

6. Be Customer Focused

7. Manage Resources well

8. Managing meetings well

9. Ensure Effective relationship building

10. Be Continuously invested in Improvement & Quality

11. Develop people

Characteristics of a team Leader

What are the Characteristics of a team leader?

Let me explain

An excellent team leader believes in empowering and enabling his team to achieve organizational and individual goals and whose core philosophy of leadership is to serve, is flexible, adaptable, and whose hallmarks are integrity, honesty, and integrity. Such leaders are decisively committed to their vision and mission, know themselves and believe in themselves and their organization, speak well, are good listeners, and excel at stress management.

Competencies of good leadership requires a combination of key competencies to guide their teams to success.

Here is what you need to do.

Being a good leader is much more than decision-making and delegating. It inspires, motivates, and guides individuals, teams, or organizations toward common goals. 

A good leader requires
  • Being highly competent in communication skills,
  • Emotional intelligence,
  • A positive attitude,
  • The ability to think critically,
  • Make difficult decisions, create a compelling vision,
  • Have excellent goal setting,
  • Empower others, and
  • Lead by example.
Impact of good Leadership
A girl leading her team

Impact of good leadership

Here’s how it works

Good leadership impacts an organization in several ways. It helps increase
  • Turnover,
  • Sales,
  • Revenues,
  • Profits,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Productivity,
  • Employee morale, and
  • Engagement. 

Good leadership helps develop and foster a strong and positive work culture that helps organizations become more open and transparent and nurture positive values and work ethics.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell:

Leadership skills, unlike management skills, are not tangible simply because leadership is a multi-faceted discipline and, therefore, is open to numerous interpretations. Also, unlike management, which is more about dealing with situations, leadership is more about dealing with people and, therefore, not an easy task given the challenges of constantly dealing with a diverse workforce. While some people have inherent traits of leaders, anyone can become a good leader with the right mindset, learning, training, and coaching.

Jammu is an ex – c-suite executive, a thought leader, passionate about
learning and sharing, with an insatiable appetite for helping individuals,
institutions and organizations pursue “EXCELLENCE” – be the best they
possibly can by the means of coaching, training & consulting.
As a professional trainer & coach he coaches leaders, entrepreneurs and
executives to help them build their physical resilience, accelerate their
professional & business growth and make an extra ordinary impact.

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