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Video Marketing: How to Avoid a Buyer’s Mistake

Have you ever been tempted by Reel ads that make a grand promise? The captivating narratives, striking videos, mostly from China, and irresistible values-offering reels that address the real problem make it difficult not to be enthralled.

It’s more like, “AI baba, please stop playing with my mind!” 

Irresistible offers to those FOMO “buy now button” these advertisements attract the audience and make us victims of clickbait ads. 

People get easily manipulated and don’t even care to know the complete truth behind these fake advertisements. 


People behind these ads could be more skilful at making spectacular ads with an excellent voice-over and copywriting that makes us too hard to ignore. 

Most victims of these ads are parents of the 50+ age group who are still exploring various social media platforms. Often disguised with a lack of digital knowledge, they usually buy something through video marketing that is frequently costlier than Amazon, has a poor exchange policy, and is often found to be of poor quality. Thus,


In this article, We’ll take a quick peek at the world of video marketing and how to ensure you’re acting wisely when you see one. 

What goes into Video Marketing?

1. Video marketing has a very tempting attraction.

The Hype of a Video Marketing

Video marketing has this fantastic capacity to evoke strong feelings in viewers.

They advertise in a way that convinces the audience to buy their product. They create attractive advertisements that draw the audience’s attention and influence them to buy the product. The visuals that are shown play an essential role in attracting customers.

2. The Persuasive Power of Stories & Visuals

The modern marketing masterpiece in the video they viewed was imposing. With breathtaking images that demonstrated the device in use, there was no question about its usefulness. 

Unknown to them, they observed it resolving issues! The product’s features and advantages have been carefully considered in every frame design.  The video was crafted using a clever editing technique. However, video marketing’s storytelling ability may be its most attractive attribute.A voice full of passion and conviction, the narrator speaks directly to the hopes and dreams of the audience. 

They make promises of a better life, better health, or more effective methods of accomplishing tasks.

Enough for anyone  to click that “ buy now “ option. But when the products gets delivered, reality strikes us realizing the pitfalls of video marketing.

3. Lack of Research/ No Research Before Buying

The fear of missing out often makes us click on  “buy now” where we don’t even research about its reviews from impartial sources, blogs, or websites with user feedback. 

And at times, we even fail to compare prices on other platform. 

These reviews frequently offer insightful information about the functionality, robustness, and whether the product fulfills the promises in the promotional movies. Comparing similar products—several brands with similar features and advantages—can help make a well-informed decision.

4. Watch Out for Exaggerated Claims

An aesthetically convincing video ad should be avoided if it makes bold claims like “life-changing” or “revolutionary.” These claims may only sometimes be accurate. To be sure, check for credible evidence, such as academic research or honest customer feedback. 

Ads that appear too good to be true often lead us to a trap. Always make sure before making a purchase!

5. Consider Where it Comes From

Consider the source of a video ad and check its credibility. Is it an unbiased review or a company marketing the product?  Knowing this will assist you in determining the reliability of the video. The reviews shouldn’t be fake and should come from a reliable user of the company.

Check for the source and the reviews reliability before buying the product and having complete awareness of the company. 

If you check it thoroughly you can get to know if there are any fake claims in the advertisement about the product or the brand. This will help you in getting genuine products without any betrayal. 


6. Learn From Your Mistakes

Most of the time, people get deceived and buy products that are useless for them.If you have also faced any such situation, it is the time to learn from your mistakes and become more aware of such scams. 

Next time, when you watch these videos, watch it more carefully, do research, and confirm that the information is right before buying the product through these online marketing videos.

Final Thoughts

Research, verify, and re-consider before buying. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stay wise, don’t compromise.

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