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EMPLOYABLITY SKILLS The Essential Skill for getting a Jobs

Jammu Navani

December 27, 2022. 2 minute Read


What did one learn at school and university? Will academic achievements suffice to get meaningful employment?

When one finishes education and applies for a job, will they demonstrate that they possess the skills and abilities employers look for in candidates?

Having the right degree, in a relevant subject, with good grades might help to get shortlisted for a job – but getting the job will usually mean that one has demonstrated abilities in other areas too.

So what do employers look for in graduates to consider them worthy of employment?

1. Skill is important

To start with, more than being qualified academically to get the job done is required, recruiters expect that graduates should come with a variety of well-honed life skills that develop the overall competency required for doing the job.

2. Be a Team Player

One needs to be able to work unsupervised and be a team -player, demonstrate creativity and develop innovative ideas.

3. Attitude Matters

One needs to have a good attitude, be well motivated, manage his time well – work hard but not get burnt out – and stay positive and enthusiastic.

4. People who solve Problems

One will need to be assertive and be able to solve problems, make decisions and negotiate effectively.

employability skills the essential skill for getting a job
employability skills the essential skill for getting a job

5. Great Communication Skills

One will need to be able to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations, over the phone, virtually, via email, in reports, using statistics and other numerical data, with a wide variety of different people, and in different settings.

6. Know your Strength and Weaknesses

One will need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, continually seek ways to improve and develop them, and be confident but not afraid to ask for help when needed.

Employers want ‘well-rounded’ people with a good mix of academic achievement, experience, common sense, and life skills that are above and beyond academic qualifications. The skills that help a graduate’s employability are vague, like history or computer science. Still, instead, generic ones are needed to get and maintain a job, and these are over and above academic achievements. And so, there is a perceived gap between the skills employers want and the skills young people develop through academic pursuits. Some of the skills that form a part of the skills gap are already produced within us by different aspects of our lives, from school and university, work experience, and social and family life.

Employability skills are a compendium of articles exclusively developed to serve as a guideline for final-year students. Having finished their academic pursuits, these fresh graduates will be looking to find meaningful employment and make the transition from college campuses to corporate corridors as smooth as possible.

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