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Discover the Education System in Canada. 9 Reasons Why Indian Students Study here.

Diptaraj Bhaduri

December 7, 2022. 3 minute Read

The jolly country from where Maple Syrup emerges is one of the highest on the Human Development Index (HDI). That means the quality of life in Canada is very high. Canada has a GDP of $2139.84 Billion. A large part of this economy comes from the service(70%) sector. Hence, people often choose to study in Canada. 

Canada’s education system has made it a dream destination for several students worldwide, even after rough environmental conditions like extreme temperatures. Despite all these difficulties, Many students in India end up settling in Canada. 

 As per some reports, Indians are the largest community of people shifting to Canada every year. Nearly 1,00,000 Indians arrived in Canada as permanent residents in 2021, when the nation welcomed a historical high of 405,000 newcomers on their land. 

But not only for jobs; even students try their best to get into a college in Canada. Many of them are of high quality, like the University of Toronto and The University of British Columbia but not all. 

Canada is one of the most preferred countries by Indian students with the ambition of making a successful career because of the quality of education and employment opportunities there. 

And the best part is you can own it all if you have those Canadian Dollars. Be it Guchi or Varsache, BMW, etc.; you can afford luxury there. 

Still, sometimes the reality is the opposite, and they don’t earn that success.

Even amid the crisis dated 16/10/2023, the success rate of student visa application has been around 85-95%. 


The Education System in Canada

9 Reasons Why Indian Students Study here.

Canada is renowned for providing chances for high-quality education at every level of study, from elementary to post-secondary. Even if you decide to change your fields a year later, colleges in Canada offer it to you. The research opportunities in Canada are also attractive, as most academic programs offered by Canadian universities heavily emphasize research.

1. Foreign Students Acceptance Rate is High

The ability to get a Student Visa in Canada is a straightforward process. As per reports of IRCC, as of 2019, Canada accepts an average of 642,480 students every year. Though the wait time for Canada Visa interviews is high, the Visa rates are even higher. That means once you get an interview, it’s almost a guarantee that you will get Student Visa there. 

And if you compare it with U.S. Visa and U.K. Visa, in the U.S. and U.K., although your profile might meet the University requirements, it is still possible that the Immigration Council might reject your Visa application because they find something missing. Such a worry does not stand for a Canadian Visa. It is easier to get one once the college has accepted you. 

That is why a lot of Indian students push toward Canada.

A survey conducted by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CIBE) found that 96% of international students endorsed Canada as a study destination due to its quality education and reputation as a safe and tolerant country that encourages multiculturalism and diversity.

2. You may Pursue your Education at Affordable Rates

Education in Canada, in comparison to the U.S., is cheaper. North America is a famous destination for Indian Students because of the high returns. 

Canada offers an average income worth the money spent on Education in Canada. A degree in B.S. Data Science is 63,000 CAD. An average salary for a fresher in Data Sciences in Canada is 10,000 CAD/- yr. 

After a master’s, an individual can earn up to 77,000 CAD/- yr. Hence, it is affordable in comparison to U.S. and U.K. in terms of money spent on education and money earned after schooling. 

Universities sponsor many scholarship programs. There are also plenty of scholarship programs running in Canada for students. 

There are also different scholarships for students who come from other countries.

Discover the Education System in Canada.
Discover the Education System in Canada.

Toronto University, Canada.

3. High-quality education and Skill Development is a Priority Here.

According to the Q.S. Higher Education System Strength Ranking, Canada is among the top five nations having a robust higher education system.

 In the Q.S. World University Rankings, 28 Canadian universities have risen to the top.

We can all agree that receiving a top-notch education goes beyond what we learn in the classroom. It also concerns our preparedness for life through an effective teaching style. To deal with this, Canada has a world-class system called cooperative work. Coop offers students job opportunities in industry-specific fields while still in school.

4. Respect for cultural diversity 

Canada is a country of multiculturalism, with people from different cultures, religions, and races living there. International students find Canada safe for cultural diversity with a kind community that welcomes immigrants seeking employment or a better quality of life. 

In terms of having a rich and diverse cultural life, this places Canada in the first place. 

You will have the chance to participate in a plethora of events anchored in various groups yet open to everyone as a student. 

There is always a party in Canada, from Christmas to Holi.

Discover the Education System in Canada.
Discover the Education System in Canada.

5. Canada has High Employment Rates

Even the economy of Canada is strong and thriving, with lots of space for growth and a variety of student work opportunities

Canada has a high graduate employment rate, so it is the most educated country in the world. The universities of this country are known for their brilliance. 

To foster a more diversified learning environment, the Canadian Ministry of Education welcomes the admission of international students to their universities. 

Regarding work-life balance, Canada is a relatively stable nation with very high standards of living for its people. Canada is also a country with a low unemployment rate of 5%. 

People who return to India after completing their education in Canada also get an edge over those who studied in Canada while searching for a job.

6. Part-time work opportunities are equally attractive for students

Canada usually issues both work and student visas together to students. Students can work up to 20 hours per week while in school to help pay for their education. 

Students can benefit from several part-time options, even within colleges, like internships and other part-time jobs. 

Many students fund their education by doing these part-time jobs and internships, which complement Canada’s higher education system. 

After graduating, students may work here for two years before applying to become permanent residents of Canada after one year.

Discover the Education System in Canada.

7. Canada has Robust Research Opportunities

For anyone interested in pursuing a career in research, studying in Canada may be the most influential decision of their lives. 

Canada is well ahead of what India offers regarding resources and financing. The fact that business partners with universities in Canada to advance more research and development is one of the system’s most significant benefits, which is an example of how research and development conducted by overseas students apply in actual settings. 

One of the critical motives for Indian students to study in Canada is the government’s support of admittance to Ph.D. and other research-based programs.

8. Canada has High Quality of living

High quality of life also includes having access to high-quality medical care, a top-notch educational system, and other essentials like clean air, clean water, a low population density, a sense of space, etc. Canada’s local healthcare system covers emergency care and primary and preventative medical services. 

To utilize these services, you must be an international student with a current study visa and be eligible for a provincial health care card. Medical insurance is a must-have for all overseas students studying in Canada.

Discover the Education System in Canada.

9. Permanent Residence is what Attract the most Foreigner here.

The most attractive aspect of Canada is the P.R. or Permanent Residence it offers to its international students once they live for two years post their education. That is the reason why most Indians choose Canada. 

Permanent Residence means they do not need to apply for a Visa again and again. They can live in Canada comfortably without worrying about Visa expiry. 

Hence, they can stay in Canada and look for better job opportunities without returning to India if they don’t like their first job. 

Final Thoughts

But everything could be brighter in the land of Canada. There are also a lot of cons to studying or living in Canada. 

Some universities could be better, and even some students don’t make it big in their life after investing all their parents’ savings. They end up losing it al

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