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ChatGPT has a stunning accuracy of the AI and almost sounds like Human. Read on to know More.

Pavani Mantripragada

December 9, 2022. 4 minutes Read

If there were a record to cross 1 million in the shortest time, it has to be ChatGPT. It has crossed 1 million users within weeks of its launch. If you’ve seen the chatbots used in various sites like IRCTC chatbot Disha, or similar ones, you will be able to understand the issues that Chatbots have. They have a machine-like system that might give you an inaccurate answer to your query. 

Sam Altman’s OpenAI picked this issue up. Elon Musk and Sam Altman first took up the project. They took the challenge to create a chatbot that is highly accurate in its response. “A response that sounds like a human is writing back; this is what exactly ChatGPT does. The chatbot can convert complex texts into simple ones and understand what the user says. Then reply in that same manner. The stunning accuracy of the AI to sound like a human is what the hype about it is.”

How effortless is ChatGPT?

There are three things that ChatGPT does quite effortlessly: 

The greatest takeaway from this is that AI is becoming mainstream. We all use AI in small amounts every day. Like Netflix, Amazon, Robot Vacuum, Voice Locking Mechanism, Fingerprint passwords, etc. All of these use AI in their algorithm for various purposes. It has shown the ability of AI when given a lot of interest and funding. Someday, Higher AI can become a regular in our lives. 

Though AI is great and has tremendous abilities. It can write news reports, fabricate some events, write accurate notes about various famous figures’ careers and public conceptions, and detect blatant misogynistic prompts.

It can be used as an AI assistant and work well with follow-up questions where other Chatbots struggle. It can help in the content creation process with its AI assistant-like design. Like it can tell you the current trend topics. It can even write songs, poems, and prose for you. While there may be more impressive pieces of creative writing, it can help you with the base over which the person can work. It can conduct a conversation and write codes like no other AI before. It could also write mathematical proofs for various problems.

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Problems with ChatGPT

Though ChatGPT is quite a thing in the digital world, but it does have its own set of limitations. You can never replace human interaction with a sense of moral, ethical, and emotional approach with ChatGPT. And we are very far away from allowing AI to read complex emotions and react accordingly. 

With almost a million users within the first week, the Bot might take time to reply due to its too many users. It can hang and crash a few times due to the server load. ChatGPT can be used to commit fraud. Like it can write various codes that can read and store credit card details like the number, the CVV, and other essential information. It can write phishing emails. 

It doesn’t have a moral ethic and may even write some pieces of essay that would be distressful and lacking ethical judgment. For example, when Michael Bromley, the CTI of Vendure, asked about the Bot’s honest opinion on humans, it replied with an essay that “humans are selfish and deserve to be wiped out.”

Hence, ChatGPT can be disturbing and problematic for various users. It cannot accurately respond to assault victims, and such issues with emotional quotient are latent.

Final Thoughts

In any case, the extent of AI is just as much as that of human intellect. Humans have created the Bot, which works just like humans write algorithms. ChatGPT is what the user wants an AI to sound like when asked a question. For example, when the user wants a Phishing email, the Bot has to do that. It isn’t accurately the fault of the Bot. Just like with every technology, conscious human choice makes all the difference.

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