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Can't Step Into 2023 Being Ignorant: lessons learned in 2022

Dastan Huzaifa
January 7, 2023. 4 minute Read

We can’t escape from all that happened in 2022. A look back at 2022 briefly reminded me how important 2022 was for some, and it also gave too many self-learning exercises for all. While some were self-reflection exercises, others taught why it is crucial to understand how to estimate one’s self-worth. So what to do? Practice mindfulness and practice self-love.

But there’s a strong belief that everything has a takeaway, and we believe that one gets successful only through a positive mental attitude. Apart from all these, we can also continuously learn from the actions of others. And we can also learn how things unfolded in life from the personal growth of various individuals.

Indeed! 2022 was a year filled with surprises, sorrows, and significance. There is so much to talk about, and there is so much to talk about their significance. Time to self-retrospect everything that happened worldwide. So read on to know more: 

10 Billion & StillCounting: A Global Health-Care Milestone Hit

We won a hard-earned battle against Covid through sacrifices and human perseverance. On January 28, we globally achieved 10 billion vaccination administrations. 

Takeaway: Perseverance and patience can help us conquer any situation. No matter how dreadful the problem seems.

We wish! There was no Ukraine crisis on First Place

Well, no leader must consider war as a solution to any problem. And what was worse is that it created a lot of fear, anxiety, and stress for homeless Ukrainians. We even have rising trends of inflation around the world. And the students who went for their education were left anxious about the uncertainty around their education

Can't Step Into 2023 Being Ignorant: lessons learned in 2022
"Save Ukraine" placard by a Gentleman

It's Getting Hot Everywhere

Climate change is real. You have heard about it since high school. 

We observed severe heat waves worldwide and droughts that made the earth barren across nations which, off lately, has become a common phenomenon.

Cryptocurrency is still a Risk

Cryptocurrencies are still under no strict regulations. Even recently, the government of India announced a flat 30 percent tax on gains from cryptocurrency transactions and a tax-deducted source (TDS) of 1 percent. 

Such a stand against digital money may become a setback because countries such as El Salvador, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, and Germany have been trying to incorporate crypto into their systems. We can hope for better regulation in crypto policies

Bit coin img

Inflation is High

Inflation is good, but only to a certain extent. The cost-of-living prices went high and are presumed to do so this year. It was quite a shock to every significant power in the world.

Takeaway: I am no soothsayer that can predict the future. But hold on to the pennies and make intelligent financial decisions this year. 

With the unpredictable nature of the economy, spending wisely and saving is the best way to avoid inflation eating through your paycheck. So keep your chin up and wallets shut.

The US-China Tiff That Nobody Wants To Admit

The US-China conflict and China’s assertion on Taiwan took a new turn in August this year after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the island nation Beijing claims to be their own. 

Pelosi’s visit, a first by the highest-ranking elected US official in more than 25 years, was viewed as an offense by China as she is being seen as third in line for the Presidency in the US after Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. Despite several hostile threats by China before Pelosi visited Taiwan, the US House Speaker landed in Taipei on August 2.

The primary issue now isn’t whether these powerful nations might be at war but rather the issue of microchip distribution worldwide. 

Let me enlighten you. More than 90% of the world’s microchips get manufactured in Taiwan. (FYI: microchips are the hearts of every electronic device). Now that China has effective control over Taiwan. It controls whether or not they should supply a nation with microchips. Without these little tiny hearts to run our devices, a modern country won’t function properly. 

Though it seems impossible, we can introspect from where to start. The arrogance of any nation, a flex of dominance, and total reliance on technology are what every country should be looking for in a country’s economy. Be prepared to witness the repercussions of such topics in the coming future. 

London Bridges Falling Down

Queen Elizabeth II was rested in peace at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on September 8, succeeded by her eldest son, King Charles III. She died at 96 years of age after 70 years on the throne, making her the world’s second longest-ever reigning monarch.

A lot of opinionated views arose when hearing this news. A lot of bad history to speak of, for the colonized countries viewed her passing with no remorse. But such is fate. 

Takeaways: When Queen Elizabeth became Queen, it wasn’t by choice. With many responsibilities at such a young age. She even fought prejudices throughout her life. Though Queen’s life looks easy, it wasn’t at all. It was during her time that the world underwent many dramatic changes. 

The Swiss Maestro Leaves The Arena

King Roger, The Mighty Federer. Many names know him as a dominating player in 21st-century tennis. On September 15, Roger Federer announced that he would retire from professional tennis. The Laver Cup was his last professional tournament, and fans all over cheered him on for his future endeavors as he exited the court. 

Roger Federer has been a sportsperson for life. This man is truly the best player of the 21st Century.

His parting words were, “When you do something best in life, You don’t want to give that up – And for me, it’s tennis.” So, following the footsteps of the Mighty Federer, do not give up on your dreams.

swiss player
Roger Fedrer's last match.

Rish Sunak, UK's first Indian-origin British PM

A significant development that followed this major power shift was the appointment of Rishi Sunak, the current Prime Minister of The UK.

This news was, however, taken as much more welcoming news. The massive change in emotion shows how most nations, even though not outspoken about their resentment towards the UK, are still a bit green with feelings about the country’s affairs.

Elon Musk Acquires Twitter

Elon Musk taking control of Twitter is the famous gossip spot of this generation in a $44bn deal! On October 28, Mr. Musk tweeted, “the bird is freed,” and later said, “let the good times roll .”Parag Agarwal and the other top executives were fired, which led to a massive wave of controversial feelings. Chief financial officer Ned Segal, and the firm’s top legal and policy executive, Vijaya Gadde, left alongside Mr. Agrawal. This shift in power dynamics led to some significant crises when people started masquerading as big conglomerates and posting announcements on their behalf. A display of improper leadership was witnessed, which made everyone question these decisions. 

Twitter’s acquisition could be a real gag or a gross misuse of power and money. Either way, one must never forget, “With great power comes great responsibilities”… At Least that’s what uncle Ben said.

Quite recently, Elon Musk has decided to auction off tangible stuff at the workplace, including the vast Twitter bird statue, an @ symbol pottery design, a boatload of espresso machines, vending machines, etcetera which all start at prices from $15 to $25.

We are a total of 8 Billion People worldwide.

On November 15, the world surpassed 8 billion people. The world reached its first landmark of 1 Billion in 1803. Over 200 years later, the world caught 8 Billion people.

There are more of us than we ever were. You know what that means. You guessed it. More of us have fun together. Keep growing your circle of friends, family, and acquaintances. And have lots of fun together because joy is contagious.

G20 Bali Summit

Leaders of several nations shared the world stage during the 2022 G20 Summit in Indonesia’s Bali province, including the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, among others. 

The highlights of the Bali G20 Summit 2022 were when Joe Biden and Xi Jinping shared the stage after several wars of words on several issues, including Hong Kong, Covid-19, and Taiwan. 

The key takeaway of the Summit was that they passed the Presidency to India, which will be hosting the Summit next year in September in New Delhi. 

Such summits allow leaders to air out any misunderstandings that could lead to war.

It's Messi Everywhere!

The year ended with a bang and a story that will outlast time—the world’s most-watched football match. 

It doesn’t take a football fan to know Messi. He debuted at 17 with a dream in his eyes: The World Cup. And he claimed it with blood, sweat, tears, and support. A story that has inspired people across the world of what hard work can do.

All I can tell you is that it ended the year perfectly. So go ahead and push hard this 2023. We hope that you attain all your goals.

Final Thoughts

2022 was indeed a rollercoaster ride, with both fortune and misfortune. But if you are reading this, let me remind you: Regardless of your journey, you survived and prevailed. So congratulations on making it to 2023! Now go out there and grab hold of this year!

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