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Argentina vs France who wins is the biggest debate now.

Diptaraj Bhaduri

December 18, 2022. 3 minute Read

After the month-long football carnival, tonight is finally the night that will decide who will win the FIFA World Cup 2022. Is it Argentina, or is it France? 

Fans will have to wait another four years to see their favorite team play the FIFA World Cup, and maybe next time with no Messi or Ronaldo in their respective teams. The Football world cup is not just a tournament for many but an emotion for billions of football fans who have been waiting for four years to see their favorite player showing the best of their skills on the biggest football stage worldwide. 

The Story so far...

The 2022 world cup was full of controversies, heartbreaks, and unexpected events. Many cried when Ronaldo lost his last chance to win the world cup. Fans even cried when their favorite Brazil failed to win their sixth world cup. 

From Germany losing in the group stage to Spain having a humiliating defeat against Morocco. 

The new offside rule also offended many fans. We all could feel the pain and see the thirst to win the world cup, even in small teams. It was completely unexpected for most of us when we saw moments such as Saudi Arabia defeating Argentina in their first match and Cameroon winning against Brazil. What even shocked us most was when Morocco qualified for the semi-finals. 

But after all of these events, finally, tonight, we are all geared up for the world cup final between France v/s Argentina. Questions are many. Would Will Argentina win this world cup final? Will Messi would finally be able to lift the World cup? Or will France register a two times consecutive world cup win? 

Lionel Messi

Messi vs. Mbappe

France and Argentina, both teams, have played exceptionally well throughout the World cup. France reached the final even without their prominent team members, proving France’s remarkable squad depth. 

Today on one side, there will be Messi, an absolute legend who is one step away from a world cup win, and on the other hand, we have Mbappe, a young and upcoming talent who has already won one World cup. Thirst for glory will be the same for both teams.

Messi’s magic has worked throughout the world cup, and all the fans are eagerly waiting to see the magician performing his best on the last date. On the other hand, Kylian Mbappe’s skills are also a significant threat to Argentinian players who are at defense. The young talent will also try his best to prove himself and break the wall Argentina creates for him.

Kylian Mbappe

Coaches of both teams will also have to use their full potential to make a complete strategy to stop these two top performers. The defense of both teams will also have to play a crucial role in settling this Messi vs. Mbappe competition into a landslide win. 

Argentina vs. France’s head-to-head fight is bliss for every football lover. It’s a competition between a goat and an upcoming talent. Both players play an essential role in their respective teams. The fight will also be challenging because of the other immensely talented squad members. The France squad depth and Argentina squad depth are nearly the same, and they, too, have some highly qualified players on both sides. France has Giroud on their side, who has made a brilliant comeback in this tournament, and Argentina also has young talents like Alvarez, who is all set to give their best for their first World Cup win. 

Final Thoughts

Argentina vs. France head-to-head stats show that Argentina has won 2 matches and France won one with no record of a draw. At the same time, many would be praying hard for Argentina because of the GOAT Messi on the team. France will also have a lot of support from their fans to create history by winning two consecutive world cups. One of the unbeatable records of Brazil. 

Many predictions about the world cup show that the World Cup is going to South America this time. No matter who wins the world cup, the fans will be the ultimate winner as they can see such an exciting World cup final with some supremely grand climax. 

But this world cup will also end on a bitter note. We assume that legendary players such as Christiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, Luka Modric, and Manuel Neuer have played their last world cup. 

The world cup will never be the same without these legendary players, but it doesn’t mean it’s a fall of the sport. We are sure the spirit of the game will never die with the rise of some new fresh talents. 

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