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Are you excited about Pitcher's season 2? Know why it was coming of age show here.

Diptaraj Bhaduri

17 Decemeber 2022. 1 Minute Read.

TVF is back with a bang and has recently launched Pitchers season two. But why so much buzz?

What is that special thing about TVF pitchers, and why is there so much hype around it? 

We asked a few, and they said,


Hum toh jeetu bhaiya ke liya dekhenge series.”


Many of us have this preconceived notion that Indian movies are all about unnecessary drama and overhyped climax scenes with the hero fighting against the world to save the heroine. But then TVF entered the market of Indian cinemas and changed the whole scenario. 

The full name of TVF is The Viral Fever, launched by Arunabh Kumar in 2010. He was an IITian who chose to follow his passion and built one of the most successful media houses in the country. TVF has created many high-quality web series such as Panchayat, Kota Factory, Aspirants, Cubicles, and Pitchers. Previously, TVF was launched as a youtube channel, and now they are selling the rights of their web series to the leading OTT platforms in the world. They somewhat knew that OTT was the future.

Real-life dramas with real emotions are the main reason behind the success of TVF. Where Kota Factory showed the story of JEE aspirants and Aspirants expressed the struggle of UPSC aspirants, Pitchers came up with the story of startup founders. Today youngsters are brave enough to give up their 9-5 job and take a huge risk to start their startup there, and this is exactly what TVF Pitchers is trying to do here. 

Still from Pitchers Season 1.

In the series, Pitchers, the makers have tried to depict the realistic focus on struggle and sacrifice for building a startup which is the central theme of the series, rather than celebrating a success story and deleting those too many stories of sleepless nights. 

Building a startup is tough. There the competition and rivalry are all for real. There will be days when you spend an entire day only sorting your problem that arose because of rivalry and competition. It is that insane. Now every startup founder wants to do too many things on the same day at the same time. But it’s a fact that none of these things happens overnight because it takes time.  

TVF Pitchers season one was directed by Amit Golani, and Biswapati sarkar wrote the script of the whole series, who played the role of Puneet. And Vaibhav Bundhoo is going to direct the TVF Pitchers’ season two.

TVF Pitchers Season 1

As we discussed earlier, pitchers season 1 is about building a startup by four friends. In season one, the main focus was on how four friends of the Indian working class come together after dealing with their problems and leaving their high-paying jobs. And the story revolves around these four characters.

1. Naveen Kasturia

Naveen Kasturia‘s character was named Naveen Bansal in the series. He is the one who came up with the startup idea and was previously working in a firm called Mozart as a regional executive manager. He decided to go ahead with the startup idea while drunk and got motivation from one of his seniors, Bhati. He even ended his long-running relationship for his dream of building the startup.

2. Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar‘s character name was Jitu in the series. He was working as a senior developer in a company called Infocrat technologies. It was very tough for him to quit his job because of being newly married and having strict parents.

3. Arunabh Kumar

Arunabh Kumar‘s character name was Yogendra Kyumar or Yogi, working in ElitCore technologies as an operational Manager in charge. He has a problem with losing his mind because of anger.

4. Abhay Mahajan

Abhay Mahajan’s character name was Saurabh Mandal. His job profile was of a marketing head in a firm, and he was also an MBA graduate from IIM. 

The series was launched in 2015 and became a massive success because of the realistic focus on startup culture. After seven years, TVF pitchers season two will be premiered on Zee5 on 23rd December to take you on a virtual ride of the startup journey. Fans are upset that Jeetendra Kumar is not in the trailer for the second season.

Can't keep calm?


TVF pitchers season two is all set to release on ZEE5; what a bumper Christmas gift for all the Indian cinema fans. Happy and excited for the series to launch and expect a bigger hit than the season one. What excites me most is that there is a Production house called TVF, which started from scratch. Who are neither Chopra nor a Johar but are still on their way to superstardom. All the characters in the Pitcher’s season 2 look flashy, and we would want to know what happened to each of them after receiving funds. Did their life change? 

Life gets more challenging after receiving funds. It’s easy to rise and easy to fall. But to maintain that position is challenging because it’s easy to manage a small one but difficult to manage a big one. There would always be a time crunch, and there would always be an enormous amount of pressure from investors. 

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