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A Walnut a Day can Keeps Depression Away

Dec 12, 2022. 5 minute Read

A Walnut a Day can Keep Depression Away.

I remember well that I had always hated spinach, but then suddenly, from somewhere, Popeye showed up with his love for spinach. My childhood self loved Popeye, and my mom got a great way to feed my spinach. 

Moms are creative when they have to feed their children healthy food. Every mom would tell their children, “Walnuts look like the brain, and so they are very healthy for the brain.”. I’d be surprised if your mom has not used this statement to feed your walnuts. But all moms are partially correct. Walnuts are great for you. The omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, melatonin (sleep hormone), polyphenols, folates, and Vitamin E significantly affect your brain and digestive tract. 

In a study, experts say that walnuts can have a positive effect during stressful times. The University of South Australia has surveyed to see the impact of walnuts. The assessment to study the effect of walnut was at the start of the semester, during exam week, and after the exam week. Eighty students were selected and divided into control and treatment groups. Those groups of eighty students would eat walnuts every day for the whole semester. After the assessment, they found that the students who ate walnuts daily had better mental health during the first and final visits. During the examination period, they were less stressful. They had shown an ability to cope with “the thought of exam week.” They even realized that the treatment group students had better sleeping patterns and showed fewer signs associated with depression.

After all moms are always right.

A Walnut a Day can Keep Depression Away.

Walnuts are superfoods that we all need to add to our diet right away. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Benefits of Walnut

Final Thoughts

The walnut effect on mental health is a proven aspect. Walnuts are great superfoods, and they’re a great snacking choice. Who knows? Just like spinach is a power-up food for Popeye, walnuts can become yours.

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