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A Deep Dive Into How Does Headspace Help With Mental Health.

Dastan Huzaifa

January 24, 2023 4 minute Read

Let’s accept that technology is here to survive. We, as humans, need to assess what we can do with the help of this technology instead.  

In India, since the whole idea of the nuclear family, the dating concept has arisen along with people working and living independently. As a result, experience is barely some while coping with these situations. Layoffs, grief over losing someone special, or grief over a bad breakup coping with these challenges has become increasingly difficult for humans, resulting in mental health problems. 

But technology, when amplified with human touch and amalgamated with much-needed knowledge and some experience, can help us solve more significant problems; one of them is this Meditation based app, Headspace, which can help us fight mental health problems. It focuses mainly on Mindfulness and truly becomes your guide when coping with difficult situations. But the first question is why Mindfulness is essential.

A Deep Dive Into How Does Headspace Help With Mental Health

Why Mindfulness is Important 

Mindfulness has an importance that we all often ignore. Look at the percentage of people suffering from medical problems due to stress. Hence, this is when we all need to focus on Mindfulness. 

Now almost every youtube ad talks about Mindfulness. Please don’t take it otherwise because this is what the world needs the most now. 

Mindfulness is caring and being kind towards yourself. Find ways to tell your body and mind that you care. Mindfulness promotes self-love. Focus on your overall well-being. Remind yourself that you cannot help others while struggling to get together.

What is Headspace?

Headspace is on a mission to improve the health and happiness of the world.

Meditation had roots in India, then later travelled around the world. With its user-friendly layout, the mindfulness app Headspace takes the seriousness and intimidation out of Meditation. Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk and co-founder of Headspace, narrates most of the guided meditations.

Through science-backed Meditation and mindfulness tools, Headspace helps you create life-changing habits to support your mental health and find a healthier, happier you. Headspace is proven to reduce stress by 14% in just ten days. It can also help you relax your mind in minutes, improve focus, and get the best sleep ever. 

The app’s primary focus is to help you with your mental health; for that, they have different sectors to help you with things such as focus, sleep, Meditation, and others.

Headspace is an amazing platform for Meditation.

Headspace has both individual programs and classes for Meditation. Here, the courses are collections of guided meditation methods with a particular theme, such as overcoming sadness, igniting creativity, building confidence, or focusing. Single programs are one-time meditations for tense situations, like in case you are preparing for an important presentation, in case you have an interview, or trying to overcome anxiety because of so and so situation.

You also can choose a female mentor or Andy Puddicombe, the co-founder, as your mentor for Meditation. You can also select the session’s duration, ranging from 3 to 20 minutes. Your “minutes meditated” are tracked by Headspace, which also notifies you after each session. Additionally, Headspace keeps track of how frequently you meditate and then posts a motivational quotation about Mindfulness.

Headspace helps to increase your Focus as well.

The Focus tab on Headspace offers you soothing music, and Other playlists contain soundscapes or 3-D recordings from around the world. Some playlists feature ambient music and lo-fi beats (like forest streams, Delhi thunderstorms, monastery bird songs, or a midnight jungle).

There is also a playlist by Grammy Award winners like John Legend, which is a playlist of his favorite jazz songs.

But is Headspace changing lives?

After researching the app Headspace, it is clear that it has a strong following of users who are delighted with the app’s ability to help them improve their mindfulness and meditation practices. The app has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store. Many users praise the app’s easy-to-use interface, helpful guided meditations, and personalized daily reminders. Many users briefly noted that they had seen improvements in their stress levels and overall well-being since using the app.

Then we further researched things on Reddit; users have also shared their positive experiences with the app. One user shared that they “have been using Headspace for a little over a month now, and it has been a game-changer.” Another user praised the app’s “great guided meditations” and “helped me to focus better and relax more.”

I've been using Headspace for a few months now, and it's helped me focus and relax."

Emma Watson Actress

It's a game changer, I'm telling you. Headspace is a game changer."

Oprah Winfrey Actress

I've been using Headspace for a while now, and it's helped me to be more mindful and present."

Will Smith Actor

Headspace is a must-have in my daily routine. It's helped me to focus and be more present." 

Kevin Hart Actor

    The app features various guided meditations ranging in length from as little as three minutes to as long as 30 minutes. Users can choose from different categories such as stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, and more. The app also offers personalized daily reminders to help users establish a regular meditation practice.

    In addition to guided meditations, Headspace also offers mindfulness exercises, such as “SOS” sessions, designed to help users cope with difficult moments, and “move mode,” a combination of Meditation and physical activity.

    Headspace also offers a “sleep by Headspace” feature that provides guided meditations and exercises to help users relax and fall asleep more easily. Overall, Headspace is user-friendly and customizable to users’ needs and preferences. It offers a variety of features and resources to help users establish and maintain a regular meditation practice, which is beneficial for their overall health. 

    But some users suggested features were more specific and diverse guided meditations, with more interactive elements, customization options like the ability to create personal playlists, integration with other apps, and multi-language support. 

    Is Guided Meditation a new concept?  

    In Guided Meditation, one does meditate under the supervision of an expert. We usually do Meditation in silence by focusing on our inner voice. But this kind of Meditation is hard. You need to have tremendous control over your thoughts and mind. Hence, every Yoga Guru starts by teaching Meditation by guiding them there.

    There are many meditation gurus in India. Sadhguru, BK Shivani, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are few of them. They all teach Meditation using verbal cues. For example: – The Guru will verbally describe a peaceful beach. The bluish-grey waters, white waves, clean sand, the sound of the waves, the setting sun, the merging colors in the sky, the soft sea breeze, and many such descriptions. 

    They are all given to help you imagine a space that will de-stress you.

    Final Thoughts

    The One Liner cares for your holistic well-being and always stresses Meditation and its importance. Headspace even does a similar thing.

    Headspace has brought modernity to guided Meditation. It has been a great help to various people in their busy lives. Today, when it is tough for us physically to attend any meditation programs. So, Headspace has brought us all an easy way to take care of it.

    Overall, Headspace has already proven to be a valuable tool for many users looking to improve their mindfulness and meditation practices. With the potential for new features and integrations in the future, the app has the potential to continue to improve and make a positive impact on the well-being of even more users.

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